This Ukrainian Lesson is special.

It teaches you how to express gratitude in Ukrainian, both verbally and non-verbally.

And instead of dialogue, this time, we have a beautiful song.

Щиро дякую, що слухаєте! Sincere thanks for listening!

In this Ukrainian Lesson, you will:

  • listen to my introduction in Ukrainian;
  • listen to the part of Diakuyu by Okean Elzy (more Ukrainian songs translated by us here);
  • get to know 10 great ways to express gratitude in Ukrainian (this part is entirely in the Ukrainian language!);
    See below the full list of expressions.
  • discover some non-verbal ways to be grateful in Ukraine! (in English)

Check out our blog post on How to say “thank you” in Ukrainian: 8 useful expressions (with audio!)

10 способів висловити вдячність українською – 10 ways to express gratitude in Ukrainian 

  1. Дякую! Дуже дякую! Thank you! Thank you very much!
  2. Щиро дякую! Сердечно дякую!  Sincerely thank you!
  3. Спасибі! Thank you!
  4. Дякую за… Thank you for…
  5. Я дуже вдячний (вдячна) за… I am very grateful for…
  6. Я перед вами в боргу. I owe you.
  7. Ти мене дуже виручив = Ти мене врятував. You really helped me, you saved me.
  8. Завдяки тобіThanks to you…
  9. Дякую, було дуже смачно! Thank you, it was delicious!
  10. На знак вдячності… As a sign of gratitude…

Transcript, Vocabulary List, and Flashcards!

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  • Grammar chart: using Dative with the words of gratitude in Ukrainian;
  • Bonus Exercise: Dative case practice with the expressions of gratitude in Ukrainian;
  • Vocabulary List: new words from the episode in a chart with English translation.

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