Start learning Ukrainian, improve your language skills and discover Ukrainian culture with Anna Ohoiko and the weekly Ukrainian Lessons Podcast episodes. 

5 Minute Ukrainian is a podcast from Ukrainian Lessons that is all about conversations. 

5 Minute Ukrainian:

5 Minute Ukrainian is a podcast from Ukrainian Lessons that is all about conversations. 

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I’m delighted to have found your two podcasts – 5 Minute Ukrainian and Ukrainian Language Podcast. They are lively, engaging, and informative, and I am loving them both. Your premium materials are helping me make a proper start to studying your language, and your approach is very appealing and balanced.

5 Minute Ukrainian, Ukrainian Lessons Podcast, Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Premium
May 16, 2023

Great help in learning Ukrainian

Do I look like a Ukrainian? Well, maybe not. BUT thanks to 5 Minute Ukrainian, (5MU), and Ukrainian Phrasebook for Helping Refugees, I can speak Ukrainian. What I like is the combination of both teaching tools. Consider this: sometimes the lessons of 5MU Ukrainian are helpful and sometimes the lessons do not cover what I

Frederik Georgian
5 Minute Ukrainian
September 7, 2022

I would strongly recommend the book

I started to learn Ukrainian with your podcasts in February this year, I am a beginner. I use the book to learn new words and refresh my learning of words from the lessons. I like the flash cards too, they are a great help in pronunciation, and the visual cues help me to memorize the

Mary Margaret Perez
5 Minute Ukrainian
July 1, 2022

The book is perfect for independent studying, money well spent

I am a beginner in Ukrainian and bought the book “1000 Ukrainian words” after a couple of weeks of studying Ukrainian by myself (I know some russian so it helps learning). I printed the book and just read it, many times, and I still continue reading it. It has been very useful to learn words in a context:

Katja Pulkkinen
5 Minute Ukrainian
July 1, 2022

Fantastic work!!!

I really love all resources offered by Анна Огойко and her team! The lessons, podcasts, blog posts, and now the new phrasebook are all excellent educational materials to learn not only Ukrainian but also the country’s interesting culture and customs. You can tell that the resources are created with passion and a sincere love of

Marta J
5 Minute Ukrainian
May 28, 2022

1000 Ukrainian words is a great product

My decision to purchase it paid immediate dividends. As soon as I saw the word written down it immediately renewed my knowledge of more than 50 years previously. I tested myself on each word and am pleased to say that 95% of them were known to me. More to the point for each word I

Roman Ciurpita
5 Minute Ukrainian
May 28, 2022

Thanks to your materials!

After 77 days of learning using anki I’ve finished learning all 1000 words you’ve prepared. Since I’m Polish, a lot of the words were really similar, but even knowing which words are the same was really helpful. The same can be said about Ukrainian lessons podcast. Thanks to your materials, I was able to communicate with my girlfriend’s family

Radosław Ludwig
5 Minute Ukrainian
May 28, 2022

Flashcards helped me learn vocabulary better than any other source

I was and am a complete beginner. I use the AnkiDroid flashcards every day, going very slowly. They’ve helped me learn vocabulary better than any other source. Hearing the words read in your voice (over and over and over) has really helped with memorization in a way that just reading or hearing a computer-generated voice

Kimber Walden
5 Minute Ukrainian
May 25, 2022

This product is fantastic!

This product is fantastic. I have looked at others in the market and even I can tell that there are errors, mixture of russian and Ukrainian, etc. So chydovo!

Roman Ciurpita
5 Minute Ukrainian
March 24, 2022


I just started listening to the podcasts and absolutely love them. Dyakuyou! I also purchased the 1000 words e-book and am working my way through it. I really like how Anna uses the words in the context of a sentence. Bonus!

Larissa Rozdzilski
5 Minute Ukrainian
March 20, 2022

I definitely recommend this book to others

I use the book to simply practice and improve my memory of Cyrillic and key words. I really like flashcards, they are helpful and a good visual memory aid. I definitely recommend this book to others. It is easy to follow, as long as you understand the Cyrillic alphabet.

David Harasymczyk
5 Minute Ukrainian
March 11, 2022

Flashcards are a great tool for learning

I am learning Ukrainian as a beginner and I bought the book mostly for the flash cards. I have found the flash cards to be a great tool for learning. They are especially good as they have sound and the example sentences. I would absolutely recommend it to others as I have found it so

Erin O’Connor
5 Minute Ukrainian
February 22, 2022

I would definitely recommend your book and cards to others

Before purchasing your cards, I felt that my Ukrainian language level was basic. I had finished the Duolingo Ukrainian course, which gave me a basic vocabulary and grammar introduction. I then moved onto a variety of other Ukrainian language courses, but felt my limited vocabulary was holding me back. I’m solely using the flashcards. I

5 Minute Ukrainian
January 3, 2022

Efficient & fun Anki flashcards

I didn’t use the book, just the flashcards. The flashcards are very useful, partially because Anki is much more efficient and fun for memorizing than the other apps I used. Also, the flashcards have more useful vocabulary on them than in the other apps I used, which tended to focus mainly on nouns and specific

James Pawliuk
5 Minute Ukrainian
September 20, 2021


I have used the author’s dictionary that includes phrases in the past and recently purchased the Five Minute Premium Package. Super! As an older learner who as part of an academic career, learned languages for translating texts, I think that Ukrainian may be the only language that I may be able to orally communicate. This

Robert Marko
5 Minute Ukrainian
August 3, 2021

Perfect for when you’re on the move

My level is still probably A1 or A2, but before the book it was pretty much an absolute beginner. I just knew the alphabet. As i’m on the move a lot, I actually think the flashcards have been the most useful thing for me – I don’t really want to sit and learn through a

Guy Boucher
5 Minute Ukrainian
June 19, 2021

With the flashcards, I repeat words constantly and that keeps them in my mind.

Привіт! My language level is beginner-intermediate but after i purchased “1000 Ukrainian words” i started to understand Ukrainian better. You suggested flashcards on your video, then i started to use Anki майже (almost) everyday.”I just learned that word today:)” To use flashcards is more useful because in general. I forget words, but in this programme

Alper Engin
5 Minute Ukrainian
March 24, 2021

Sometimes it’s hard to find time for learning, but these flashcards are easy to fit into my day

When I purchased the book “1000 Ukrainian words”, I was at good beginner level. I have spent time living in a Ukrainian village with people who don’t speak English, so I could manage ok, but my vocabulary was maybe 130+ words. I need to improve my vocabulary for my next visit! I use the flashcards

Michelle Lawson
5 Minute Ukrainian
March 24, 2021

Speak Ukranian! why not.

My level is beginner. The flashcards are very helpful and enjoyable for the beginner or advance students, and you need to use it continuously without a break. If you give it a break, then you need to restart again 🙂 what can I say ..if you want to visit Ukraine some day in the future,

5 Minute Ukrainian
February 9, 2021

Great way to learn Ukrainian

I want to learn Ukrainian because my father’s parents came to Canada from Ukraine in the early 1900s. I’ve always loved my Ukrainian family and culture. Unfortunately, after my grandparents died, my father and his siblings stopped speaking their language. Over the years I’ve tried to learn Ukrainian online and in local classes, but have

Joanne Deriw
5 Minute Ukrainian
December 29, 2020

Книга чудова!

It is perfect for my current elementary level. I use the flashcards on a regular basis (approximately 4 times a week) to increase my understanding of new words and cement my understanding and pronunciation of words that I have already learnt. I find that it works well in parallel to the podcast lessons.

John Charuk
5 Minute Ukrainian
August 25, 2020

Дякую за вашу роботу! Дуже чудові флеш-карти…

Я дуже люблю флеш-карти. Я їх вивчаю щодня. Вони дуже корисні. I was a beginner-level learner. Finding materials in Ukrainian was difficult so I found your podcasts very helpful. I started taking Ukrainian courses and used your flash cards to help build my vocabulary. I’ve learned so much using them and am now at an

Stephanie Dvareckas
5 Minute Ukrainian
August 14, 2020

I recommend 1000 Ukrainian words book

I keep the book as a PDF on my phone for now, I browse through it daily, while queuing, etc. The most useful thing – is the example sentences – I feel it boosts up my reading skills. So yes, I recommend this book, it’s concise, it’s a good supplementary to the podcast, and a