Basic terms used in the study of Ukrainian

Are you familiar with the basic terms used in the study of Ukrainian? Іменники and дієслова, однина and множина, роди and відмінки, доконаний and недоконаний вид: you’ve probably heard some of these terms before.

20 Ukrainian idioms, proverbs and expressions

Ukrainian idioms, proverbs, and expressions are an important part of everyday Ukrainian. Learning to use common idioms and expressions will make your Ukrainian sound more natural, so it’s a good idea to master some of these expressions.

Noun genders in Ukrainian

Noun genders in Ukrainian can be confusing for beginners. Why is любов feminine and щастя neuter? In the table below, you can see that noun genders in Ukrainian are not random.

Language situation in Ukraine in 2019 and beyond

Ukraine is a bilingual country with Ukrainian and Russian as the two widely used languages. If Ukrainian is the only official state language, why do people speak Russian in Ukraine? How many people consider Ukrainian as their native language? Why do you hear more...

Compound and complex sentences in Ukrainian

Sentences that consist of two or more parts are called in Ukrainian складні речення (“difficult” or complex sentences in Ukrainian). Let me try to make those “difficult” sentences a bit easier.

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Verbs of Motion in Ukrainian: So Easy with These Pictures!

Verbs of motion in Ukrainian can be very confusing. Іти, ходити чи їхати? At Ukrainian Lessons, we want to make learning Ukrainian process easy and fun. That is why we have prepared these comprehensive simple pictures that will help you to understand the verbs of...

10 Ukrainian Songs of 2018

We have chosen best Ukrainian songs with video clips of 2018! Listen, watch and enjoy! Then tell us which of 10 Ukrainian songs of 2018 you liked the most!

Ukrainian song with translation: Антитіла -TDME

Meet Ukrainian Pop Rock in our Songs section! Here is one of the most famous Ukrainian modern bands Антитіла – Antibody with their song TDME or Там, де ми є – Whereon We Are. Антитіла is very popular among Ukrainian teenagers, and you can listen to their songs on our radio stations quite often.

Wonderful Tool to Learn Ukrainian: Mind Maps

Make learning Ukrainian easier – create mind maps! This is a wonderful way to memorize difficult rules in an easy, funny, and colorful way. Mind maps help your mind to structure all information without overloading it with the unnecessary things.

10 Uses of the Genitive Case in Ukrainian

We continue a series of articles about cases in Ukrainian. At first, you were introduced to the concept of Ukrainian cases. Then we talked about one of the most common cases in Ukrainian – the accusative case. The following article presents detailed information on the...

100 Most Common Words in Ukrainian

Take a look at 100 of the most common words in Ukrainian. If you are a beginner in learning Ukrainian, start with those words. If you’ve been learning for a while, check if you know them all. 😉 We have also prepared some great extras to boost your Ukrainian vocabulary.

7 Facts about Ukrainian Currency + a Quiz!

Get acquainted with personalities and places depicted on the Ukrainian banknotes, find out the etymology of the Ukrainian currency name and other interesting facts!  At the end take a virtual tour of The Museum of Money of the National Bank of Ukraine and take the quiz!

(Awesome) Names of Months in Ukrainian and their Origin (with pictures!)

The months in Ukrainian have their own unique origin. That is why English, German, Russian or any other language will not help you in learning them (unless you know Polish or Belorussian).
But don’t worry! Each month has an extremely clear name, which is connected to nature or agriculture. It is easy to remember them understanding the etymology.
Today we are going to explain to you why Ukrainian moths are called in such a fancy way and how to learn them easily. This will be a long travel. Let’s go!

Too much in Ukrainian

Let’s have a rest a little bit from the difficult rules and learn how to say too much in Ukrainian. “Too much” has two forms – simple and complex, which are interchangeable.
You should add the word “занадто” to an adjective or adverb or use the prefix за- before the word.
It is simple, just try!

Time expressions in Ukrainian

There are so many ways to talk about time in Ukrainian! It is really important to understand what you talk about because the wrong time can cause misunderstanding and, as a result, you may miss something important. Let's have a look at the popular time expressions in...

Ukrainian song with translation: Мотор’ролла – Восьмий колір

Enjoy Ukrainian song from the rock band Мотор’ролла! This band has its own unique singing style, which is impossible to forget. You will easily understand most of the lyrics because the front man of Мотор’ролла, Сергій Присяжний, sings quite clearly. Восьмий колір is their most famous single, which tells the love story full of tenderness and self-sacrifice. Despite the quick and loud music, Мотор’ролла talks about some eternal feelings.

Question words in Ukrainian – Питальні слова

There are so many short words in Ukrainian language that it is too easy to mix them up, especially if you ask some questions. Як тебе звати? – What is your name? Яка твоя улюбена їжа? – What is your favorite food? Скільки це коштує? – How much is this? Questions are all around us, and it is impossible to speak the language without them.

As you see, some similar English question words might be different in Ukrainian. That is why today we will learn basic question words in Ukrainian for you to communicate with people better.

Чому ви вивчаєте українську мову? Що вам подобається в ній набільше? We will be happy to read the answers in the comments below!

12+ Ukrainian YouTube Channels To Practice Your Ukrainian

As a language learner and teacher, I strongly believe that it is important to listen a lot about the topics you enjoy in your target language. This way you get used to the real (not textbook) intonation, expand your vocabulary, learn to catch the whole phrase, and...

Котра година? – how to tell time in Ukrainian

To ask for time in Ukrainian, we use the phrase Котра година? – What time is it? The answer to this question contains two parts, as in any language.

Firstly we talk about година – an hour. We use a special type of numbers for this purpose, порядкові числівники – ordinal numbers. Learn more about ordinal numbers in Ukrainian in our article.

Ukrainian Traveling – Food Guide to Lviv

Lviv is the capital of Ukrainian food tourism. Due to the variety of nationalities, which brought to this city a part of the unique cuisine, Lviv is famous for the Ukrainian, Polish, Austrian, and Jewish dishes and drinks. There are so many different cafes, restaurants, and snack bars that it is impossible to visit all of them even if you live in Lviv for years. That is why we have created Food Guide to Lviv for you not to miss the important parts of the city culture.

Ordinal numbers in Ukrainian – Порядкові числівники

In order to point out the order of the person or object, we use порядкові числівники – ordinal numbers in Ukrainian. They are quite simple because almost each word forms like an adjective. They have the same gender endings as adjectives, so you will easily remember this material☺️
Be attentive to the exceptions! Some of the ordinal numbers from 1 to 10 can change their forms in an unusual way. Look at the picture and repeat.

50+ Ukrainian Love Phrases And Romantic Words

Are you in love with a Ukrainian man or woman? Great choice! Now you should learn some Ukrainian love phrases to impress your beloved and make him or her love you more. Here are 10 Ukrainian love expressions and romantic words with different variations you could use...

7 Reasons to Learn Ukrainian Language

What languages do you speak? English, Spanish, French?.. Be unique and learn Ukrainian! This language is modern, wide-spread and dignified. Find out 7 more reasons to learn Ukrainian language and start today!

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