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Як іноземці козака рятували

🇺🇦 Ця книга — для всіх, хто вивчає українську мову! Вона написана просто, містить вправи, словнички та аудіо. Книжка доступна в друкованій і електронній версії. Ви готові до пригоди? 🤩

🌎 This book is for everyone learning Ukrainian language! It is an easy read with exercises, vocabulary lists and audio. The book is available as paperback or ebook. Are you ready for the adventure? 🤩

easy ukrainian book Ukrainian lessons Natalia Pendiur reviews

The Story

🇺🇦 Іспанка Беатріс та американець Браян прибули в село Вишеньки, щоб досліджувати ґрунти. Попереду на них чекає незабутнє українське літо: трохи досліджень, ще більше пригод, щира дружба, минуле, що оживає, дрібка магії та кохання. А почалось усе з вивчення української мови…

🌏 Beatrice (from Spain) and Brian (from the USA) arrived in the village of Vyshenky to examine the soils. An unforgettable summer awaits them: some research, more adventures, sincere friendship, return of history, a pinch of magic and love. Everything began with learning Ukrainian…

The Author

🇺🇦 Наталія Пендюр народилася в Києві. Жила й у великому місті, і в селі – із роботою на городі й усіма сільськими пригодами, про які йдеться у книжці. Наталія навчалася в Інституті журналістики університету Тараса Шевченка, а пізніше вивчала славістику в Університеті імені Томаша Масарика в Чехії. Довго працювала на радіо. З 2016-го Наталія мешкає в Чехії, де вона викладає українську мову, перекладає та пише.

🌏 Natalia Pendiur was born in Kyiv. She lived not only in a big city, but also in a Ukrainian village ― with work in the garden and all those village adventures, as described in the book. Natalia studied at the Institute of Journalism at Taras Shevchenko University and Slavic Studies at the Masaryk University in Czechia. Then she worked at a radio station for quite a long time. Since 2016, Natalia lives in Czechia where she works as a Ukrainian teacher, translator and author.

What’s inside?

Fun illustrations

Hand drawn by the author!


Vocabulary lists

After each mini chapter, there is a word list with stresses and translation to English.



Extra vocabulary and grammar practice. Answers included!

Free audio

Included with both printed and e-book. The audiobook is slowly read by the author.

👀 Have a look!

Printed Book






Our first readers…

Such a fun story!

I just love reading this book – such a fun story – it’s read out loud so well (so good for reinforcing correct pronunciation in a fun way) – so good to have vocabulary at the end of each chapter – and good introduction of grammar in small chunks with workable (not too demanding) exercises! Thank you and your friend for your excellent work!

If another book is written like this I will buy that too!

Ukrainian Lessons Easy Book

I bought this book so that I could improve my Ukrainian in an enjoyable way. I find it quite challenging so am working through it quite slowly. I’m reading each chapter and trying to do the exercises. I haven’t listened much to the recordings yet.

I find the vocabulary lists very useful – and the illustrations. I like the physical feel of the book too. Personally I find it quite challenging, yet the chapters are all nice and short.

I would recommend this book to others. I haven’t read enough of it to be able to comment on the actual story, though so far it seems amusing enough. However, having the vocabulary lists at the end of the short chapters is great. I’m not aware of anything similar existing. If another book is written like this I will buy that too!

I will try to finish reading the book this Summer!

Thank you for all the materials you have produced for us to study Ukrainian. My only suggestion for new material is for more grammar exercises!

Irena Henderson

I think we need more books like this

Ukrainian Lessons Easy Ukrainian Book
On the photo: reading with Сіра! My cat!
I bought the book as I liked the format (also to support Natalia). I think we need more books like this, Ukrainian with key English translations.
I have only read the book, I haven’t had the time to listen to it. Reading it was a good challenge. I enjoyed the story line and the new Ukrainian vocabulary, especially the language that is now commonly used in Ukraine.
I found the overall format of the book to be very interesting and useful. I would actually re-read each chapter both quietly and loudly after reviewing the notes.
I would definitely recommend it to others who are of the same level. I hope Natalia can write some more books.
Thanks and take care.
Andrew Sobol
Thousand Oaks, USA

Everything you need is right there

Як іноземці козака рятували
My main reason for buying “Як Іноземці Козака Рятували” was to improve my grammar, and phrasing. Though, I quickly realised that it would also be an excellent way to improve my vocabulary, and find native expressions and idioms. I’m still not terribly confident in my language skills when speaking – and I feel that this is a good way to improve my confidence (alongside, actually speaking more.) The audio is excellent. It is easy to listen to, is a great further listening practice, and is helping me to solidify the correct stress patterns – which is an area in which I often make mistakes!
I’m about halfway through the book, currently – listening to the audio, primarily, and trying to comprehend everything aurally, but also reading along. I generally then look at the questions to gauge how much I understood, and to use the vocabulary list to fill in the gaps. After which, I re-read any sections that I misunderstood or failed to understand from context, on the first pass. I plan to go through the book multiple times to try to familiarise myself with as much of it as possible. I find my passive vocabulary is vastly better than my active vocabulary – I’m hoping to use the book to improve that!
The most useful aspect to me is the self-contained nature of the book – almost everything you need to make the content comprehensible: is right there. With the addition of the audiobook version – it’s perfect for immersive comprehensible content. As I can’t be in Ukraine currently – it’s perfect for me, in that regard.
I would definitely recommend it – and in fact I have! I imagine Bohdan will have already ordered it!
Nick Wysoczanskyj
Aberdare, South Wales, UK

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