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Start learning Ukrainian, improve your language skills and discover Ukrainian culture with Anna Ohoiko and the weekly Ukrainian Lessons Podcast episodes. 

5 Minute Ukrainian is a podcast from Ukrainian Lessons that is all about conversations. 

Ukrainian Lessons Podcast:

Ukrainian Handwriting Book

Master Ukrainian cursive writing with our colorful workbook created specifically for Ukrainian learners.

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Book and audio
Ukrainian Handwriting Book
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Paperback + Audio



Book and audio
Natalia Pendiur, Anna Ohoiko

Ukrainian Handwriting Book

Master Ukrainian cursive writing with our colorful workbook created specifically for Ukrainian learners.

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Paperback + Audio*



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Whether you are just starting out to learn Ukrainian or want to finally learn how to write in cursive Cyrillic, this colorful workbook will be your guide.

From a single letter to syllables, words, and short texts ― master your Cyrillic handwriting and enjoy learning Ukrainian with this delightful workbook!

Our workbook is designed specifically for Ukrainian language learners. So not only will you learn how to write by hand in Ukrainian, but also you will develop a better understanding of texts written in Cyrillic, learn a lot of new words and improve your pronunciation skills with our audio.
This is not another simple workbook for kids. We designed this resource with an adult Ukrainian learner in mind, providing a gradual thought-through approach (from the most common letters to more complicated and less common ones) that will motivate you to keep going.

Plus, the workbook includes audio, colorful illustrations, and fun exercises ― everything you need to enjoy learning Ukrainian!

What’s inside?

Structured progressive approach

Our gradual thought-through approach (from the most common letters to more complicated and less common ones) will motivate you to keep going. You can start it with zero skills and slowly progress in the book.

For both beginners and experienced learners

Many beginners get discouraged because a course or book goes too fast. Our book takes it easy and offers options for both newbies and people with some prior knowledge.

Visually appealing and fun!

We designed this book for you to fall in love with the Ukrainian language. That is why we made it beautiful, and included plenty of colorful illustrations and fun exercises. It does not mean that this book is for children ― we made it with adult users in mind, although kids can use it too.

Convenient to use

We wanted to provide the best reading and writing experience for you. The fonts have a perfect size, the pages are not see-through, and the book is not too big so you can easily carry it with you (on your next vacation, perhaps?)
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About the Authors

Natalia Pendiur is a Ukrainian teacher, writer, artist, and illustrator. She is the author of another book from Ukrainian Lessons – the Easy Ukrainian Book: Як іноземці козака рятували. When her student in Czechia asked her to teach her Ukrainian handwriting, Natalia was puzzled at first. But giving it some thought, she developed a progressive system of teaching Cyrillic letters one by one ― by incorporating the letters learned into the examples for the next letter. To your delight, Natalia created all the colorful illustrations for this workbook by herself.

About the Authors

Anna Ohoiko is a Ukrainian language content creator, teacher, and founder of UkrainianLessons.com. Anna led the production of this book, wrote pronunciation guidelines for each letter (in English), and recorded the audio.

What People are saying

I like to write with a fountain pen, the cursive looks beautiful. So I bought Ukrainian Handwriting Book, mostly for the idea of being able to write beautiful letters. It is also a nice additional learning tool alongside Duolingo. I write in the book, with pencil (I will not risk fountain pen ink mistakes until I am a little more confident). The most helpful is how you build up words, revisiting previous letters. The pronunciation descriptions and guidelines are excellent. I highly recommend the book to other learners. It is easy to start and builds up smoothly in complexity, nicely supported by the audio files.
Я люблю цю книгу. Дуже дякую! Being a total beginner, I wasn’t familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet at all. It’s one thing being able to recognize the characters, but I didn’t have the slightest clue where to begin writing them. What helped the most was seeing the order of the strokes when writing the letters next to their standard form. I love cursive writing in general, so this book seemed like the best bet to get the best of both worlds, therefore it was a great help.
This is the 3rd Ukrainian handwriting book I’ve bought. The others did not help enough. This book is for Ukrainian cursive. If you need to learn to read Ukrainian on a computer screen, there are other books for that.

For each letter, the correct order of writing the strokes is given. Unlike other books, it shows all strokes needed, not just the first one or two and then you have to guess the rest. For each letter, not only does it show you how to write that letter, but how it looks written in a word and connected to other letters. This was missing from the other books I’ve seen.  

If you’re serious about learning Ukrainian, this book is a must-have.

Briana Hoffman
United States
English speakers usually learn typed Ukrainian but if you live there, handwritten cursive is everywhere. It can be embarrassing to tell people you only read block print, so you can’t read their notes or a handwritten receipt because you never learned cursive. Ukrainian cursive is NOT intuitive. For example, the “t” looks like an “m” and the и can get mixed up so the words can just look like a bunch of loops. Learning cursive can be important and this book is an excellent resource to help learn it.
Amazon customer
United States
Like in English, cursive writing in Ukrainian is not entirely predictable based on the printed forms (think of “s” in cursive English). This book explains stroke-by-stroke how to correctly write (or read) Ukrainian cursive, which is ubiquitous among Ukrainians. (Unlike in English, no one “print” handwrites in Ukrainian.) With diagonal guiding lines, it also teaches the overall “slanted” form of Ukrainian cursive, which is the trickiest part for me.

The quality of the book is excellent – the front and back covers are resilient and almost rubbery, and the pages are thick, so you don’t have to worry about ink running through. There is plenty of room to practice the forms and extra pages in the back for more practice.

For me, it was an excellent investment in a necessary (if sometimes neglected) aspect of learning Ukrainian.

Amazon customer
United States
If you’re looking for a good Ukrainian handwriting book, look no further!

This book is incredibly detailed, with explanations on every page. I’ve tried other books before but this is the only one that has actually helped my understanding of each letter! Cannot recommend it enough.



Frequently Asked Questions

The book is suitable for total beginners and perfect for learning the Ukrainian alphabet and cursive. However, more advanced learners can also benefit from this workbook, as it was designed for all language levels.
You can use either pencil or pen – it depends on your personal preference. The benefit of a pencil is that you can erase it and reuse the space multiple times. If you write with a pen ― the pages are not see-through.
On one of the first pages of the workbook, you will find the link to follow in order to get access to the audiobook. All the tracks will be sent to you as an archive of files in .mp3 format.
You can return the printed book by it to us at your own cost. We will provide you the refund within 14 business days after receiving the book. Contact us here with your request for a return.
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