What is more important for learning a language: grammar or vocabulary?

I am 100% confident about my answer. Imagine you have a fire in your hotel room in Ukraine…


What would you cry out in Ukrainian to get people’s attention? Maybe:

Допоможіть! – Help! (formal or plural)

Допоможи! – Help! (informal)

Допомогти! – To help!

Допомо-о-о-ога! – Heeeeelp! (noun)

Or maybe you know this one:

Вогонь! – Fire!

Every one of those will work. Even though, one all of the mentioned forms is not natural (Допомогти).

No one would care about the correct imperative form, the tense, the case, or the gender.

Because we pass the message by vocabulary, and grammar just helps to make the sequence of words sound nice like natives would say.

So, in language learning, you always start with words, and everything else follows.


How many words do I need to start speaking Ukrainian?

In Ukrainian, there are 256,000 words!

Stop. Do not get discouraged.

Language teachers estimate that with around 1,000 words you will have enough to ask people simple questions and talk about the everyday life situations like shopping and transportation.

Then, of course, you will learn more words and understand the grammar as you practice the language, but you need to start with that thousand!

So, how do I know which words to learn first?

Some good textbooks or dictionaries could tell you that.

Also, I have created a resource that focuses only on those most useful Ukrainian words and their usage. It is an ebook and a set of flashcards.


  • 1000 Ukrainian words with the English translation;
  • Examples of using them in simple sentences with English translation;
  • Each word has a stress mark;
  • Masculine – Feminine pairs (актор – акторка);
  • Irregular plural forms (хлопець – хлопці);
  • All the verbs in two forms – imperfective and perfective aspects (допомагати – допомогти). Two example sentences to see the difference of aspects;
  • PDF format that can be used on any device or printed out.


  • Made to be utilized in the Anki app, this application is free for Windows, Android, Mac, and online use. It is for sale for the iOS devices.
  • Based on the Spaced repetition method of learning words;
  • Great way to memorize, review, and practice pronouncing 1000 Ukrainian words from the ebook;
  • Pictures to remember the word visually;
  • Voice recording for each word;
  • The examples from the book;
  • The full instructional video of how to use the Anki flashcards is available here:

The Author

Привіт! Мене звати Анна Огойко 🙂

My name is Anna Ohoiko, I am the creator of 1000 Most Useful Ukrainian words and the founder of Ukrainian Lessons.

I am passionate about learning and teaching languages. On my path to learning English, Polish, French, and Spanish I have discovered different language learning tricks and techniques to start speaking and understanding a foreign language faster, in the most efficient way.

Also, teaching Ukrainian one-to-one and at the University of Pennsylvania has been a genuine experience for me to realize what works the best in language learning, especially for Ukrainian learners.

That is why I have created this website, the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast, and the 1000 Most Useful Ukrainian words – to help you learn Ukrainian using the methods that have proven to be effective for me and my students.




Will the 1000 Words resource be effective for you? Let’s see…

1000 words resource is for you if you want to:

  • get the active knowledge of more than 1000 common words in Ukrainian (plus some synonyms, verb forms, and new words from the examples);
  • build the essential vocabulary to go beyond greetings and with practice be able to have an actual basic conversation with Ukrainians;
  • check your understanding of each of the 1000 common words in the context of simple everyday sentences;
  • learn the imperfective/perfective forms of the most useful Ukrainian verbs and to see the difference of using them in sentences;
  • drill the basic Ukrainian vocabulary with the interactive Anki flashcards;
  • learn the stresses and master your pronunciation of the 1000 words by actually listening to the author saying them in flashcards as much as you need;
  • have a good foundation and feel more comfortable in speaking, writing, reading, and understanding Ukrainian.

What people are saying about the author

Feedback about Anna from her students:

On my own, I invested time in the Duolingo Ukrainian course and various Memrise vocabulary lists but I wasn’t improving my language skills as quickly as I wanted, especially for speaking, which was the main point for me. I discovered Ukrainian Lessons podcast while looking for more resources and found the quality so good that I invested in the premium membership and private lessons with Anna.

She is the best language teacher I have ever had! Each lesson is always fun and incorporates a lot of conversation as well as structured lessons that are tailored to me and my ability level. […]The quality of the podcast notes, of the lesson notes, of the website, of the social media handles (Instagram and Facebook are the ones I follow), is so impressive and once you meet Anna, it makes sense. I would highly recommend Anna as a teacher! Sara LaVigna

Anna's student and Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Premium Subscriber, United States

The best teacher ever!!!
I have been Anna’s student for 8 months and in that short time, I can honestly tell that she is the best teacher. I learned a great deal from her.
• She is always prepared.
• She is very creative.
• She gives great lessons.
• She is nice and patient.
• She speaks, reads, and writes in English and Russian fluently it comes handy for me because I speak a little bit in Russian too and when I mix the two together she can correct me.
• Usually our lessons only in Ukrainian, we only use English if I completely lost, but then she always tries to explain everything in a simple way in Ukrainian so I could understand.
• She is caring and shows interest.
• She is always well-prepared and organized.
I hope one day we can meet in person. Attila Bruneker

Anna's advanced student, Budapest, Hungary

Anna has been my teacher for almost 2 years. I live in the United States and she lives in Kyiv, but we have our lessons through Skype or FaceTime. We have also had some in-person lessons when I traveled to Ukraine a few times.

  • Anna is an extraordinary teacher in every way:
  • She is very intelligent and is an expert in her subject.
  • She is always well-prepared with lesson plans.
  • She presents things in an organized manner and makes things easy to understand.
  • She gives me just the right amount of challenges without overwhelming me.
  • She encourages me and offers support when things are difficult.
  • She praises when I succeed.
  • She is always enthusiastic about the subject being taught.
  • She exceeds my expectations. For example, when I was in Ukraine, she went with me to the Thaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine to help me communicate with the faculty and staff. She also assisted my communication during the lesson as I studied piano with one of the professors at the Academy.
  • She expects excellence in herself and her students.
  • She speaks, reads, and writes in English fluently.

I enjoy my lessons with her very much!

Scott Smith

Anna's student and Ukrainian Lessons Premium Subscriber, Kansas, USA

See these and other testimonials or leave yours here.

Take a sneak peek

Want a little taste of the book before buying? That’s okay with me! Here are the first pages to show you what is there.

What about the flashcards?

On Ukrainian Lessons, we have another word list with flashcards – 100 most common Ukrainian words. You can download the list of those first 100 words plus the digital & paper flashcards on this page for free!

I got through every word of your book…

Anna, I just wanted to thank you for your amazing book, I got through every word and have studied your book very carefully and now starting to listen to your podcasts) thank you very much, really. As soon as I get free time, I go onto your website and check every resource there! Thank you very much!!

Paris, France

Are you ready to learn 1000 most useful Ukrainian words with me?

I will be thrilled to teach you your first Ukrainian words 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

How were the words selected?
I have assembled the list from three different resources:

  1. Frequency Dictionaries of Ukrainian journalism and fiction (the only Ukrainian frequency dictionaries available for now).
  2. The Base Vocabulary of 625 words for starting to learn any language from Gabriel Wyner, the author of Fluent Forever.
  3. The words I decided to include based on my experience of teaching and speaking Ukrainian.
Which part of Ukraine do the words represent?
These are the words of the standard Ukrainian language officially fixed by the dictionaries and used in Ukraine. There are no dialect or slang words in the resource.
What is the package I get?
You get two digital resources:

  1. The ebook in PDF: a list of 1000 most used Ukrainian words with translation to English, special forms, and the example sentences to each word.
  2. A deck of digital flashcards you can use with the Anki app. There are 1000 flashcards there with the words, translation, pronunciation audio, pictures, and examples. You can also edit the cards and add your own ones.
How do Anki flashcards work?
You can watch this short video to see the flashcards in action:


Can I get a refund?
You are provided with the details about this product. You also have access to the sample of the book and flashcards. This is a digital product. So, as soon as payment has been made, the customer can download all associated content. For this reason, we do not offer refunds on this product.

Do you have any questions or payment issues? Please, let us know below.

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