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Start learning Ukrainian, improve your language skills and discover Ukrainian culture with Anna Ohoiko and the weekly Ukrainian Lessons Podcast episodes. 

5 Minute Ukrainian is a podcast from Ukrainian Lessons that is all about conversations. 

Ukrainian Lessons Podcast:

1000 Most Useful Ukrainian Words

With Example Sentences And Digital Flashcards



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1000 Most Useful Ukrainian Words
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Ebook (PDF)


Paperback + Ebook
Anna Ohoiko

1000 Most Useful Ukrainian Words

With Example Sentences And Digital Flashcards

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Ebook (PDF)


Paperback + Ebook
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Are you looking to improve your Ukrainian vocabulary quickly, effectively, and enjoyably? Look no further than 1000 Most Useful Ukrainian Words from Ukrainian Lessons!

Our resource offers a carefully selected list of 1000 most common Ukrainian words that are essential for anyone looking to speak and understand basic Ukrainian. 

Each word is presented with its stress, important forms, English translation, and example sentences, providing the context needed to remember words more quickly and strengthen your reading skills.

The second edition of this book is an improved and updated version that offers a range of new features. These include  
  • eight fun exercises ― crossword puzzles based on the vocabulary from the book;
  • index of English words in alphabetical order (paperback only);
  • extended how-to-use section;
  • introduction to imperfective and perfective verb aspects;
  • introduction to the verbs of motion;
  • more detailed instructions for using Anki flashcards;
  • changes in vocabulary selection and examples;
  • word stresses in sentences;
  • error corrections.

All formats of the book are accompanied by digital Anki flashcards that facilitate rapid memorization of the vocabulary.

The flashcards feature audio recordings (for both words and examples) to help perfect your pronunciation, plus pictures to serve as a memory aid.

Shortly after your purchase, you will receive a file containing the flashcards to your email address. This file flashcards needs to be imported into the Anki app. We will provide you with instructions on how to install your cards on any device.

Important! Anki app is free for Android, Windows, or Mac, but it requires a one-time payment ($25) for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).

When you buy the ebook version, you will receive a link to download it in PDF format, as well as the flashcards file for use in the Anki app.

What’s inside?


Inside the book, you will find a carefully selected list of 1000 most common Ukrainian words, complete with stress, important forms, English translations, and examples of usage.

Example sentences

We have included short and natural example sentences in our book to help you quickly remember words and strengthen your reading skills through context. The audio for the sentences is included in our digital flashcards!

Digital flashcards

After purchasing a book, you will get access to digital flashcards with pictures and audio recordings (for words and examples!) to facilitate rapid vocabulary memorization and perfecting your pronunciation. You will use the flashcards in the app called Anki.

Crossword puzzles

In the second edition, you will find 8 simple crosswords based on the vocabulary from the book. Such a fun way to complete your learning!

Grammar or vocabulary: where to start?

I am 100% confident in my answer. Vocabulary is crucial to conveying our main message, with grammar being important but secondary. 

Consider how children learn their mother tongue: they first learn words and gradually begin to construct sentences that follow grammar rules. By age 2, toddlers can speak around 50-100 words and only form simple 2-3 word sentences that often do not follow grammar rules. 

So, in language learning, start with words, and the rest will follow.

How many words do you need to start speaking Ukrainian?

In Ukrainian, there are about 256,000 words! 😱No. Do not get discouraged.

Language experts estimate that just 1,000 words are enough to ask simple questions and talk about everyday situations like shopping and transportation. As you continue practicing the language, you will learn more words and understand grammar. However, it is crucial to start with those first thousand words.

That is why I have created the perfect resource for you. I analyzed frequency lists of Ukrainian vocabulary and similar resources for learning other languages to create 1000 Most Useful Ukrainian Words.

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About the Author

Привіт! Мене звати Анна Огойко 🙂
Hi! My name is Anna Ohoiko.

I am passionate about learning and teaching languages. On my path to learning English, Polish, French, Spanish, and Swedish I have discovered different language-learning tricks and techniques to start speaking and understanding a foreign language faster, in the most efficient way.

Also, thanks to my experience as a Ukrainian teacher, I realized what works best in language learning, especially for Ukrainian learners.

That is why I have created this website, the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast, and the 1000 Most Useful Ukrainian Words – to help you learn Ukrainian using the methods that have proven to be effective for my students and me.

About the Author

What People are saying

Anna, I just wanted to thank you for your amazing book, I got through every word and have studied your book very carefully and now starting to listen to your podcasts) thank you very much, really. As soon as I get free time, I go onto your website and check every resource there! Thank you very much!!
Paris, France
Я дуже люблю флеш-карти. Я їх вивчаю щодня. Вони дуже корисні. I was a beginner-level learner. I started taking Ukrainian courses and used your flash cards to help build my vocabulary. I’ve learned so much using them and am now at an intermediate level. I speak regularly with my friend in Ukraine and he comments on the difference. You’ve done a really good job picking frequently used words, which also makes it easier. I can tell you put a lot of effort into making these – having sentences, images, sound recordings, as well as verb imperfective/perfective.
Stephanie Dvareckas
Thank you so much for the amazing Ukrainian language resources. My Ukrainian level was absolute beginner when I got the book. I didn’t use the book itself very much, but I use the Anki flashcards everyday. I would absolutely recommend these flashcards to others. This is probably the number 1 resource that has helped me learn so much Ukrainian.  Once I started to learn these 1000 words, I started to learn words from other resources much faster.
Steve Middleton
I keep the book as a PDF on my phone for now, I browse through it daily, while queuing, etc. The most useful thing – is the example sentences – I feel it boosts up my reading skills. So yes, I recommend this book, it’s concise, it’s a good supplementary to the podcast, and a way to support the podcast.
I am a beginner in Ukrainian and bought the book “1000 Ukrainian words” after a couple of weeks of studying Ukrainian by myself (I know some russian so it helps learning). I printed the book and just read it, many times, and I still continue reading it. It has been very useful to learn words in a context: in phrases, with cases, with stresses marked and verbs conjugated. The format is very clear and easy to use, and this way of learning suits me. I’d be happy to buy the next 2000 words! The book is perfect for independent studying, money well spent. And Ukrainian is a language of the future, there will be so much collaboration with Ukraine that this is the language to study now
Katja Pulkkinen
Helsinki, Finland
Before purchasing your cards, I felt that my Ukrainian language level was basic. I had finished the Duolingo Ukrainian course, which gave me a basic vocabulary and grammar introduction. I then moved onto a variety of other Ukrainian language courses, but felt my limited vocabulary was holding me back. I’m solely using the flashcards. The book is a good reference for looking up words, but I wouldn’t be able to study from it unless I used it to make my own cards on paper. The sentences and images on your cards are also very helpful in the memorization process. For words that I struggle to remember, I end up memorizing the sentence instead.  Having the word in the context of a sentence makes it easier to remember.
John Zaharick
Minnesota, USA
This is one of the most practical resources when it comes to learning Ukrainian. I have put in a lot and time and effort into other ways of learning the language (passive listening, an online tutor, subscribing to Ukrainian social media accounts and forcing myself to read long captions in Ukrainian), but this was by far the MOST VALUABLE resource and I am slowly piecing together my own sentences! Thank you for all you do at Ukrainian lessons and for this amazing book.
Anna Skudarnova
The US
My level is still probably A1 or A2, but before the book it was pretty much an absolute beginner. I just knew the alphabet. As I’m on the move a lot, I actually think the flashcards have been the most useful thing for me – I don’t really want to sit and learn through a list (although the list is useful as a reference tool), so the Anki flashcards are really helpful, I try to study them every day when I have some spare time, alongside the FMU podcast flashcards :) I would definitely recommend the book and flashcards to others – for me, it’s been a great reference point and, with the flashcards, a really simple and effective way of boosting my Ukrainian vocabulary.
Guy Boucher
Warwick, England
I love the flashcards! I highly recommend them. The pictures that accompany the new vocabulary are also charming and funny.
Brian Kowalchuk
Winnipeg, Canada
The flashcards are very, very useful ― I have progressed far more in 1-2 months of Ukrainian than I had in the previous 5 because of these, so thank you. Before I started using it lessons with my tutor were basically 100% in English but learning some Ukrainian words. Now it’s probably 50-60% in Ukrainian ― very big progress and the only difference is that I started using your Anki deck. Please release 1001-2000 most common words flashcards and I will buy them again.
Ciaran Pearson
The Netherlands

Frequently Asked Questions

I have assembled the list from three different resources:
  1. Frequency Dictionaries of Ukrainian journalism and fiction (the only Ukrainian frequency dictionaries available for now).
  2. The Base Vocabulary of 625 words for starting to learn any language from Gabriel Wyner, the author of Fluent Forever.
  3. The words I decided to include based on my experience of teaching and speaking Ukrainian.
These are the words of the standard Ukrainian language officially fixed by the dictionaries and used in Ukraine. There are no dialect or slang words in the resource.
You get two resources:
  1. A nice paperback book in color (arrives in 2-4 weeks): a list of 1000 most used Ukrainian words with translation to English, special forms, and the example sentences to each word. The paperback also includes index of English words, 8 crossword puzzles with answers and space for your new words.
  2. A deck of digital flashcards (arrives by email right after your purchase) you can use with the Anki app. There are 1000 flashcards there with the words, translation, pronunciation audio, pictures, and examples. You can also edit the cards and add your own ones.
You get two digital resources:
  1. The ebook in PDF: a list of 1000 most used Ukrainian words with translation to English, special forms, and the example sentences to each word. The PDF also includes 8 crossword puzzles with answers and space for your new words.
  2. A deck of digital flashcards (arrives in a separate email) you can use with the Anki app. There are 1000 flashcards there with the words, translation, pronunciation audio, pictures, and examples. You can also edit the cards and add your own ones.
After the purchase, you will receive a file with 1000 flashcards that need to be imported into Anki app (free for Windows, Mac, Android, but for purchase for iOS). You can watch our video instructions about how to set up and use Anki flashcards on different devices.
This product is fully or partially digital. So, as soon as payment has been made, the customer can download the flashcards (and PDF if it is an ebook). For this reason, we do not offer refunds on the digital materials of this product: ebook and flashcards. If you decide to return the physical book, you can mail it back to us and get a 50% refund (excuding flashcards).
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