Ukrainian personal pronouns are some of the most commonly used Ukrainian words. We use them all the time, but not just in their dictionary forms. 

Just like nouns, Ukrainian personal pronouns change their form in different cases. For example:

  • Я тут. ― I (nominative) am here.
  • Мене́ тут нема́є. ― I am not here (“There is no me (genitive) here”).
  • Дай мені́ ру́чку. ― Give me (dative) a pen.
  • Ба́чиш мене́? ― Do you see me (accusative)?
  • Ходи́ зі мно́ю! ― Come with me (instrumental)!
  • На мені́ джи́нси. ― I have jeans on me (locative).

As you can see from the examples above, the English language also kept using cases for personal pronouns (I ― me, he ― him, etc.) ― however, Ukrainian has quite a few more forms.

Study and bookmark our Ukrainian personal pronouns declension table below for future reference and try to put it into practice the next time you speak or write in Ukrainian!


You can practice using Ukrainian personal pronouns in the accusative case by listening to episode 58 of Ukrainian Lessons Podcast.

What about the possessive pronouns such as мій, твій, наш, etc? We have another chart just for those ― Ukrainian Possessive Pronouns Declension Table

Успіхів ВАМ! ― Good luck to YOU! 🙂

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