Ukrainian possessive pronouns are similar to adjectives in their role (describing belonging) and declension. Just like adjectives, they also follow the noun they refer to and copy its gender, number, and case. Compare:

  • мій чоловік (singular, masculine)
  • моя дружина (singular, feminine)
  • мої діти (plural)
  • без мого чоловіка (singular, masculine, genitive)
  • з моєю дружиною (singular, feminine, instrumental)
  • бачу моїх дітей (plural, accusative)

We use Ukrainian possessive pronouns in different cases all the time. However, short words like these can be confusing to memorize. 

Start with studying our Ukrainian possessive pronouns declension table, and then you will begin to notice these forms when you read any texts in Ukrainian or chat with your friends. 

Bookmark, save, and/or print this table to have your Ukrainian possessive pronouns always handy!

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