How to say “thank you” in Ukrainian? There is one common way (дякую), which you may already know, but there are also some more advanced versions and synonyms that will impress native speakers. Find out 8 ways to say “thank you” in Ukrainian below with audio!

Дякую! /d’akuju/ = Thank you!

This is the most common way to say “thank you” in Ukrainian. Short and easy! Just make sure to pronounce that [d] softly – дякую  😊

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Дуже дякую! /duzhe d’akuju/ = Thank you very much!

Add дуже to anything in Ukrainian in order to say “very”, “very much”.

Щиро дякую! /shchyro d’akuju/ = Sincerely thank you!

This is a nice, common form to use in more formal situations – in an email, for instance.

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Сердечно дякую! /serdechno d’akuju/ = Thank you from my heart!

This one is similar to “Щиро дякую!” and is used when you want to express a lot of gratitude that comes from your heart – серце ❤️

Спасибі! /spasybi/ = Thank you!

This is a synonym of “Дякую”, and a widely used way of expressing gratitude, too. It has an interesting Old Slavic origin: from “спаси Бог” – “save (us) God”.

Дякую за… /d’akuju za/ = Thank you for…

If you want to thank for something, add “за” after “дякую” or “спасибі“. Note that you will have to use the Accusative case after “за“:

  • Дякую за вечір – Thank you for the evening
  • Дякую за обідThank you for the lunch
  • Дякую за вечерюThank you for the dinner
  • Дякую за підтримкуThank you for your support
  • Дякую за привітанняThank you for your wishes or congratulations

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Я дуже вдячна (вдячний) за… /ja duzhe vd’achna (vd’achnyj) za/ = I am very grateful for…

This is a common expression using the adjective “grateful” – вдячний. Make sure to use the correct form:

  • вдячна – female
  • вдячний – male
  • вдячні – plural

На знак вдячності… /na znak vd’achnosti/ = As a sign of gratitude…

If you want to give someone a present or make something nice for someone as a sign of gratitude, you can say:

  • На знак вдячності, я хочу вам дещо подарувати. – As a sign of gratitude, I want to give you a little something.
  • На знак вдячності, я хочу запросити тебе на обід. – As a sign of gratitude, I want to invite you for a dinner.


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