Last part of the Ukrainian History Mini-Course on the Podcast!

This time, we finally talk about Independent Ukraine.

Learn about the first Ukrainian presidents, big revolutions, and current events, improving your Ukrainian at the same time.

In this Ukrainian Lesson, you will:

  • listen to my introduction about курс історії;
  • listen the chapter #9 about the history of Independent Ukraine;
  • relisten by smaller parts with my explanations and comprehension questions
  • try to solve a short quiz;
  • learn more about сотні during the Euromaidan revolution.

Study these important terms before listening to the episode:

  • Народний Рух України – The People’s Movement of Ukraine was founded in 1989 as a civil-political movement as there were no other political parties allowed in the Soviet Union but the Communist Party. The organization has its roots in Ukrainian dissidents.
  • Спроба перевороту в СРСР – The 1991 Soviet coup d’état attempt was an attempt by members of the Soviet Union’s government to take control of the country, its President Mikhail Gorbachev.
  • Референдум 1 грудня 1991 року – The referendum on the Act of Declaration of Independence held in Ukraine on 1 December 1991. An overwhelming majority of 92.3% of voters approved the declaration of independence made by the Verkhovna Rada on 24 August 1991.
  • Леонід Кравчук is the first President of Ukraine, who served from 5 December 1991 until 19 July 1994.
  • Леонід Кучма is the second President of independent Ukraine (1994-2005). His presidency was surrounded by numerous corruption scandals and the lessening of media freedoms.
  • Конституція України – The Constitution of Ukraine is the nation’s fundamental law. The constitution was adopted and ratified by the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) of Ukraine on 28 June 1996.
  • Віктор Ющенко is the third President of Ukraine from January 23, 2005, to February 25, 2010. Public protests prompted by electoral fraud played a major role in his presidential election and led to Ukraine’s Orange Revolution.
  • Віктор Янукович was the fourth President of Ukraine, who served from February 2010 until his removal from power in February 2014 as a result of the 2014 Ukrainian revolution. He is currently in exile in Russia and wanted by Ukraine for high treason.
  • «Помаранчева революція» – The Orange Revolution was a series of protests and political events that took place in Ukraine from late November 2004 to January 2005, in the immediate aftermath of the run-off vote of the 2004 Ukrainian presidential election, which was claimed to be marred by massive corruption.
  • Угода про асоціацію з ЄС і Україною – Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement is a European Union Association Agreement between the European Union (EU) and Ukraine that establishes a political and economic association between the parties.
  • «Беркут» was the system of special police in Ukraine. Following the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, when Berkut was held responsible by the new government for most of the civilian deaths, the agency was dissolved.
  • «Революція Гідності» – The Ukrainian Revolution of 2014 (also known as the Euromaidan Revolution or Revolution of Dignity) took place in Ukraine in February 2014, when a series of violent events involving protesters and riot police culminated in the ousting of the pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych.
  • «Небесна Сотня» – Heavenly Hundred are the protesters who were killed during the Euromaidan revolution in Ukraine. There are currently nearly 130 identified deaths; most of them were civilian protesters.
  • Донбас – a historical, cultural, and economic region in eastern Ukraine. The word “Donbas” is a portmanteau formed from Donets Basin, which refers to the river Donets that flows through it.
  • Антитерористична операція (АТО) – The Antiterrorist Operation in the East of Ukraine includes military, legal, and organizational measures of Ukrainian security forces aimed at counteracting the activities of the illegal Russian and pro-Russian armed groups in the war in eastern Ukraine. The operation started on April 14, 2014.
  • Петро Порошенко is the fifth and current President of Ukraine (2018). He was elected president on 25 May 2014, after the Revolution of Dignity, capturing more than 54% of the vote in the first round.
  • ООН – Організація Об’єднаних Націй – The United Nations Organization.

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