In this Ukrainian lesson, we begin the topic of житло (accommodation) with probably the first independent accommodation many Ukrainians have. It’s about a room in гуртожиток (dormitory). Listen to the dialogue, learn new words, and practice the plural of nouns and more with Ukrainian Lessons Podcast!

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In this Ukrainian Lesson you will:

  • listen to my brief introduction in Ukrainian about summer and the theme for the next lessons;
  • learn the Ukrainian vocabulary of the things in your room;
  • listen to the informal conversation about the student’s new room in the dormitory;
  • discover the basic rules of forming the plural of nouns in Ukrainian;
  • drill the vocabulary of the things in the room in singular and then in the plural;
  • learn more about the students’ dormitories in Ukraine!

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Transcript, Vocabulary List, and Flashcards!

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  • Grammar chart: a single page chart of the plural of nouns rules for all genders;
  • Bonus Exercise to drill forming the plural of nouns;
  • Vocabulary List: new words from the episode in a chart with English translation.
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