With this ULP episode, we start a special series of interviews – real dialogues in Ukrainian!

Step 1. Listen to Anna’s conversation with Bogdana and challenge yourself with questions on understanding.
Step 2. Your teacher will explain to you the new words and grammar points.
Step 3. Listen again to check if you get everything!

In this Ukrainian Lesson, you will:

  • listen to one of the real dialogues in Ukrainian;
  • challenge yourself with 6 questions about understanding the dialogue;
  • get your teacher Anna’s explanations of the new words, phrases, and some grammar points used;
  • practice making full answers to the questions;
  • learn more about the school system in Ukraine!

Transcript, Vocabulary Lists, and Flashcards!

Become Ukrainian Lessons Premium member and get access to this lesson’s PDF Notes, which include:
  • Full transcript & translation of the interview;
  • Listening & writing task: answer the questions about Bogdana (with answers);
  • Bonus Exercise to practice translating to Ukrainian using the words from the lesson;
  • Vocabulary List: all the new words and phrases from the interview.