We go shopping again!
This time Olesia is looking for some clothes to buy.
Listen to the dialogue and then learn in context how to form and use the Accusative case in Ukrainian Знахідний відмінок.

In this Ukrainian Lesson, you will:

  • listen to the conversation between a shop assistant and Olesia as a customer;
  • learn the names of different kinds of clothes in Ukrainian;
  • discover more great phrases for clothes shopping in Ukrainian;
  • learn how to form and use the Accusative case in Ukrainian (objects);
  • discover the authentic ways Ukrainians shop for clothes!
For more shopping vocabulary, check out our infographics with the clothes in Ukrainian.

Transcript, Vocabulary Lists, and Flashcards!

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  • Transcript and translation of the dialogue;
  • Detailed explanations of the points covered;
  • Bonus Exercise to practice the Accusative case in Ukrainian;
  • Vocabulary List: all the words and phrases from the lesson;
  • Bonus Vocabulary List: more names of clothes in Ukrainian.
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