Welcome to the first episode of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast! 🎉 In this first lesson, we’ll delve into the topic of greetings in Ukrainian for informal or casual situations.

If you’re a beginner looking to learn Ukrainian, be sure to check out a full list of Season 1 episodes, all conveniently located here.

In the first episode of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast, you will learn:

  • about the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast goals;
  • greetings in Ukrainian for the informal situations;
  • first words Ukrainian friends say when they meet;
  • different ways to say also and too in Ukrainian;
  • How are you in Ukrainian, and how Ukrainians usually respond to that.

You will be able to practice your knowledge too!

Free PDF Lesson Notes

I have prepared a free PDF guide for you, which includes:

  • text of the dialogues
  • more explanations in English
  • simple bonus exercise for your practice
  • lesson’s vocabulary list
  • and even some bonus vocabulary about greetings in Ukrainian!

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