Перше інтерв’ю на подкасті! 🤩 Listen to the first casual interview in ULP – Season 5!

Our first guest is Anna’s friend and Ukrainian Lessons team member Іванка Войцехович 🙋‍♀️

Ivanka will tell us about how her life in Ukraine changed during the strange times of коронавірус and карантин.

After the interview, Anna will pick 10 корисних речень (10 useful sentences) from the interview and analyze them for you.

! Season 5 of the podcast is entirely in slow simple Ukrainian. For easier episodes with English, check out our Season 1 or Season 2.

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  • Full transcript of the whole episode in Ukrainian;
  • Vocabulary: translation of more difficult words on the side;
  • 10 useful sentences: table of sentences with English translation;
  • 4 bonus exercises to practice the lesson’s vocabulary and structures.

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