Знайомтесь: Наталія Пендюр – авторка нашої нової книги “Як іноземці козака рятували”.

Meet the author of our brand new Easy Ukrainian Book – Natalia Pendiur. In this interview for Ukrainian Lessons Podcast, she tells about herself, her creative journeys, and real-life stories that gave her ideas for the book.

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! Season 5 of the podcast is entirely in slow, simple Ukrainian. For easier episodes with English, check out our Season 1 or Season 2.

Find out more about Natalia Pendiur:

Natalia’s Facebook page

Natalia’s writing blog

Natalia’s art blog

Natalia’s email – snih@ukr.net

Transcript and Exercises!

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  • 10 useful sentences: table of sentences with English translation;
  • 4 bonus exercises to practice the lesson’s vocabulary and structures.

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