Videos in Ukrainian with Ukrainian subtitles is one of the most common requests from the Ukrainian learners. It is true that listening practice becomes more practical for your language learning when you also have the text at hand. That is why I have decided to collect the videos in Ukrainian with Ukrainian subtitles or transcript available on this page for you.

There are not many yet, but you can also check the Youtube channels of those videos for more similar content. If you happen to find some other interesting videos, please share in the comments below!

Some techniques for watching videos in Ukrainian with Ukrainian subtitles

  1. Try to watch a video without the subtitles, trying to capture the general ideas. Do not focus on the problematic words. Then, rewatch with the subtitles and translate the words that block your understanding.
  2. Try to watch a video by small chunks, pressing stop and play, this will give you some time to process the words.
  3. My personal favorite! Try to watch a video without the subtitles by small chucks writing down or saying aloud exactly what you have heard. In most of the cases, you will need to relisten the same part 2-4 times. Then, watch with the subtitles to compare.

Videos in Ukrainian with Ukrainian subtitles are not easy to find. However, you can also do the similar practice to the described above with the videos that do not have subs. Then, you might want to ask your Ukrainian friend or a tutor to help you with the problematic parts. You can try watching some great Ukrainian movies online here.


Below you can find the videos that we could find so far. If you know any other interesting videos in Ukrainian with Ukrainian subtitles, please share with us in the comments below!

Easy Ukrainian – Транспорт

Unlike the rest of the videos on this page, this video was specifically created for the Ukrainian learners. It is easier than others, it has Ukrainian subtitles in both Cyrillic and Latin characters, and the English translation. Also, you can learn about the транспорт – transportation in Ukraine on a tour 🙂

Check out our infographics with the words of transportation in Ukrainian

If you are a beginner, the one below and other videos from the Easy Ukrainian series are perfect for you!


Blog 360 – подорожі Україною. Івано-Франківськ

It’s a vlog about a trip to Ivano-Frankivsk.


Влог Закарпаття #5. Пацканьово. Екопоселення та музей · Ukraїner

It’s a vlog and an interview with some Ukrainians who decided to move to the village and create екопоселення – eco-settlement.

This is one of the beautiful videos from the project Ukraїner. You can find some other videos in Ukrainian with Ukrainian subtitles on their channel. (Look for CC by the videos!)


Наша Файта. Закарпатська Футурама · Ukraїner

Another video from Ukraїner which could be interesting for you as it talks about the idea and creators of a Ukrainian animated comedy series about Закарпаття – Transcarpathia.


Святослав Вакарчук: Нам потрібно ламати стіни в душах

Below you can find a long interview with our rock star and an idol of many Ukrainians – Святослав Вакарчук. There are no subtitles, but you can read the full text here.

+ Listen to one of the songs of Святослав with the lyrics and translation on our blog


Looking for more Ukrainian videos even without subtitles? We also have a list of 12+ Youtube channels for Ukrainian learners here.


Лепетуни is a fun animation series from Mova. It is made for kids to learn proper and beautiful Ukrainian language. You would like to do that too, wouldn’t you?

This is перша серія – the first episode. Go to their Youtube channel to watch next episodes.


5 підказок для поліпшення критичного мислення

This is a Ukrainian translation of the popular video from Ted-Ed about критичне мислення – critical thinking.


Як ваш телефон змінює вас?

Another Ukrainian translation of the popular science video about як ваш телефон змінює вас – how your phone changes you. If you enjoy this style – they have got more translated videos in Ukrainian with Ukrainian subtitles on their channel Цікава наука – Interesting science.


History of Ukraine

Discover the Ukrainian history and learn Ukrainian at the same time!

Short Ukrainian History Course from Ukrainian Lessons Podcast:

Part 1 – Kievan Rus’ »  Access lesson

Part 2 – 13th – 16th centuries  »  Access lesson

Part 3 – Ukrainian Cossacks  »  Access lesson

Part 4 – Ukraine as a part of two empires  »  Access lesson

Part 5 – The liberation movement of 1917-1922  »  Access lesson

Part 6 – Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic  »  Access lesson

Part 7 – Second World War in Ukraine  »  Access lesson

Part 8 – History of Soviet Ukraine  »  Access lesson

Part 9 – Independent Ukraine  »  Access lesson

 Ukrainian History Test  »  Access lesson


Телебачення Торонто з Майклом Щуром 

A program with a strange name #@)₴?$0 (ґрати, песик, дужка, гривня, знак питання, долар, нуль) – a weekly satirical news digest with Roman Vintoniv in the role of Michael Shchur.


Would you like to learn to understand more Ukrainian?

Check our article about the best Ukrainian radio stations online and prepare your ear to a lot of listening.

Or learn Ukrainian wherever you are with our free Ukrainian Lessons Podcast.

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