Boost your level of Ukrainian with our collection of top Ukrainian language resources — textbooks, audio courses, and much more!

Ukrainian Language Courses

Podorozhi UA ― introductory-level Ukrainian language e-textbook/course for English speakers by Alla Nedashkivska and Olena Sivachenko.

SpeakUkrainian ― educational project by the Ukrainian government that consists of the 25 most frequently used topics, and nearly 100 interesting lessons for the rapid mastery of Ukrainian.

Duolingo ― game-like lessons for beginners starting with the basics or looking to practice their reading, writing, and speaking.

Ukrainian Language Podcasts

Ukrainian Lessons Podcast ― well-structured and easily accessible Ukrainian language course in the form of a podcast. It includes 5 seasons (200 episodes total) available for all levels of Ukrainian learners.

5 Minute Ukrainian ― series of 60 mini-lessons that include the most typical conversations, useful vocabulary boosters, and quick grammar explanations.

Ukrainian Language Textbooks

Beginners Ukrainian ― textbook by Yuri Shevchuk that emphasizes learning to communicate through interaction and helps students to quickly achieve the first level of understanding Ukrainian. This textbook has explanations in English and is suitable for self-study.

Yabluko ― illustrated books with audio materials that include authentic texts and varied exercises on speaking, writing, reading, and listening. These textbooks are in Ukrainian only and are mostly suitable for studying with a teacher.

Ukrainian Language Dictionaries

Goroh ― online library with the most useful dictionaries of the Ukrainian language (definitions, conjugations, synonyms, etc.).

Glosbe ― the largest collective dictionary (Ukrainian to different languages).

E2U ― English-Ukrainian dictionaries.

Ukrainian Language Tools

R2U spelling check ― software for proofreading (spelling, grammar, and style) of Ukrainian texts.

Transliteration by Slovnyk UA ― automatic official transliteration to Latin characters approved by the government of Ukraine.

Word stressing by Slovnyk UA ― service that automatically places stresses on the whole texts of Ukrainian words.

Learn the Ukrainian Alphabet & Pronunciation

Alphabet Guide by Ukrainian Lessons ― full guide with videos, explanations, and examples of Ukrainian letters.

Forvo ― service for checking the pronunciation of Ukrainian words (recorded by a community of native speakers).

Learn Ukrainian Vocabulary

100 most common Ukrainian words ― PDF file, which includes a word list with examples and digital flashcards with audio and pictures.

1000 most useful Ukrainian words ― e-book with 1000 Ukrainian words and examples of using them in simple sentences with English translation. It includes a set of digital flashcards that can be used with the Anki app to learn these words quicker with audio and pictures.

Learn Ukrainian Grammar

Read Ukrainian! ― structured overview of different topics in Ukrainian grammar.

Dobra Forma ― web-based overview of Ukrainian grammar with contextualized activities that enable students to internalize correct grammatical forms as they focus on the communication of meaning.

Ukrainian Grammar ― basic explanations in English about Ukrainian grammar. 

Master Ukrainian cases ― book by Inna Sopronchuk. Tables and exercises to learn Ukrainian cases.

Practice Ukrainian Writing Skills

Ukrainian Handwriting Book ― a colorful workbook from Ukrainian Lessons to master Ukrainian handwriting with a structured approach. It includes audio and is specifically designed for learners of the Ukrainian language.

Practice Ukrainian Reading Skills

Easy Ukrainian Book ― a captivating story in simple Ukrainian with audio and exercises, written by Natalia Pendiur and produced by Ukrainian Lessons.

100 easy Ukrainian texts ― e-book with simple Ukrainian texts, including 60 minutes of online audio for beginners. 

Practice Ukrainian Listening Skills

Invitation to Ukraine ― mini-series consisting of eight episodes for learning the Ukrainian language and culture: music, national dishes, and many other things.

Sluhay ― library of more than 100 prose and poetic audiobooks of Ukrainian classics from the school curriculum, as well as works by contemporary writers read by the authors themselves. TV and radio presenters, theater and film actors, and musicians also joined the voiceover.

LingQ ― collection of resources (videos, podcasts, news, etc.) with an integrated dictionary.

YouTube channels ―  list of our favorite YouTube channels of Ukrainian native speakers with descriptions.

Videos with subtitles ― our list of videos in Ukrainian with Ukrainian subtitles.

Movies ― our list of Ukrainian movies that you can watch online. 

Cartoons ― our list of 10 Ukrainian cartoons for children and adults that you can watch on Youtube.

Podcasts ― our list of our favorite Ukrainian podcasts about science, literature, art, culture, music, celebrities, politics, and society.

Radio ― our list of Ukrainian radio stations sharing news, music, and culture.

News ― our list of trusted Ukrainian news outlets to read and watch.

YouTube Channels For Learning Ukrainian

Speak Ukrainian ― Ukrainian video lessons by Inna Sopronchuk about grammar, vocabulary, and phonetics, including dialogues, podcasts, and the “Ukrainian Food Vlog” series with recipes of national Ukrainian dishes.

Let’s Learn Ukrainian ― Ukrainian video lessons about grammar, vocabulary, and phonetics.

Ukrainian Language ― Ukrainian video lessons for beginners by Yuliia Pozniak.

Private Ukrainian Lessons

italki ― service for learning from certified teachers and practicing with a community of native speakers.


Бажаємо приємного вивчення української мови!

We wish you pleasant learning of the Ukrainian language! 🙂

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