Expressing love in Ukrainian is a great way to show support and affection to your friends, relatives, or partners from Ukraine.

Learn common and creative ways to show love in Ukrainian with the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast and 5 Minute Ukrainian, and fall in love with the beautiful Ukrainian language and culture.

How to express love in Ukrainian

Let’s start with the basic Ukrainian vocabulary on love and feelings! In Ukrainian, there are two words denoting love – любити & кохати. What’s the difference between them, and when are they most suitable?

5 Minute Ukrainian series – a perfect audio course for learning Ukrainian on the go! Carefully picked vocabulary and grammar will make you sound like a native in just 60 episodes!

Our 5 Minute Ukrainian series answers this tricky question in Episode 38

Level: A1/A2 (elementary)

Everybody loves компліменти compliments. Why not learn some Ukrainian expressions and bring a smile to somebody you love? 

Check out Episode 39 of 5 Minute Ukrainian to show your affection with compliments in Ukrainian!

Thinking of ways to express your support to Ukrainians affected by Russia’s invasion? Learn some useful phrases (with audio recordings) in our popular blog post!

On St. Valentine’s Day, валентинки St. Valentine’s cards – will show your love in a creative way.

With the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast, you will learn Ukrainian step-by-step from elementary to advanced levels. Consider boosting your studies with our Premium Membership – lesson notes for all episodes with vocabulary lists, transcripts, translations, bonus exercises, and digital flashcards!

Listen to Episode 29 of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast and make a personalized Ukrainian валентинка for your loved ones.

Level: A1 (elementary)

Be prepared for St. Valentine’s Day and learn some vocabulary for your love message in Ukrainian in our article (with audio)!

Dating and weddings in Ukrainian

A new relationship is always an exciting stage in our lives. What does dating with a Ukrainian look like?

Let’s start with an invitation to the first date! Learn some useful Ukrainian vocabulary for asking someone out in Episode 36 of the 5 Minute Ukrainian series! 

Level: A1/A2 (elementary)

Did somebody from Ukraine agree to go on a first date with you? Add Episode 37 of 5 Minute Ukrainian to your checklist before the date, and be prepared to show your feelings in Ukrainian! 

Level: A1/A2 (elementary)

Find tons of useful vocabulary (with audio recordings!) conveniently grouped in one blog post – 50+ Ukrainian Love Phrases And Romantic Words!


If you are an experienced learner of Ukrainian, Episode 109 of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast will be a perfect guide for your next date in Ukrainian. 

Practice some love expressions and Ukrainian reflexive verbs in this comprehensive audio lesson!

Level: B1 (intermediate)

Telling about your love interest in Ukrainian may also come in handy. 

In Episode 110 of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast, you will learn how to describe a boyfriend from Ukraine with new vocabulary and bonus music about love! 

Level: B1 (intermediate)

In case your relationship with a Ukrainian is serious, it’s time to meet Ukrainian parentsEpisode 22 of 5 Minute Ukrainian covers this topic!

Level: A1/A2 (elementary)

Весілля, a wedding in Ukrainian, is a very beautiful ceremony full of unique traditions.

Episode 118 of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast will tell you everything about traditional Ukrainian weddings with useful grammar explanations of using щоб with the past tense.

Level: B1 (intermediate)

At Ukrainian weddings, be sure to know how to address Ukrainian relatives – check out our infographic with audio on this topic


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