Here are 10 Ukrainian love expressions and romantic words with different variations you could use every day!

Ukrainian love phrases and romantic wordsPicture from Ladna Kobieta

1. Я кохаю тебе! Я люблю тебе!  I love you

I love you in Ukrainian

Love is so important for Ukrainians that we even have two different words to name it:

  • Кохання — only romantic love
  • Любов — romantic love + all other kinds of love (to your family, country, or borscht )

Therefore, there are two ways to say I love you in Ukrainian:

  • Я кохаю тебе!
  • Я люблю тебе!

You can interchange them, as well as add some дуже (very much) at any place:

  • Я дуже тебе кохаю!
  • Я тебе дуже люблю!
  • Дуже-дуже-дуже люблю тебе!

2. З Днем святого Валентина! — Happy Valentine’s Day!

2День святого Валентина

is Valentine’s day in Ukrainian. Although it is a fairly new holiday for us, Ukrainians do celebrate it nowadays. So, give your loved one a валентинка – St. Valentine’s card with a greeting:

  • З Днем святого Валентина, коханий! Happy Valentine’s Day, my love (male form)!
  • З Днем святого Валентина, кохана! — Happy Valentine’s Day, my love (female form)!

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3. Я сумую без тебе, Я скучив (скучила) — I miss you!


Distances can be hard. There are several ways to say I miss you in Ukrainian:

  • Я сумую без тебе I am sad without you (I miss you)
  • Я сумую за тобою — I miss you
  • Я скучив — I’ve missed you (male form of “have missed”)
  • Я скучила I’ve missed you (female form of “have missed”)

4. Будеш моєю дівчиною / моїм хлопцем? — Will you be my girlfriend / my boyfriend?


In Ukrainian, the words for a boyfriend and girlfriend are the same as a boy and a girl — хлопець і дівчина.

If you want to ask a guy to be your boyfriend in Ukrainian, say:

  • Будеш моїм хлопцем? — Will you be my boyfriend?
  • Хочеш бути моїм хлопцем? Do you want to be my boyfriend?

If you want to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, choose one of the questions:

  • Будеш моєю дівчиною? — Will you be my girlfriend?
  • Хочеш бути моєю дівчиною?  Do you want to be my girlfriend?

5. Ти такий гарний / Ти така гарна! — You are so beautiful!


Giving compliments is one of the keys to the heart (another one is cooking Ukrainian food )

If you are giving a compliment to a girl in Ukrainian, you can say:

  • Ти така гарна — You are so beautiful (pretty)
  • Ти чудова — You are awesome
  • Ти неймовірна — You are incredible
  • Ти така добра — You are so kind
  • Ти особлива — You are special

If you are saying this to a guy, just change the ending of the adjective:

  • Ти такий гарний — You are so beautiful (handsome)
  • Ти чудовий — You are awesome
  • Ти неймовірний — You are incredible
  • Ти такий добрий — You are so kind
  • Ти особливий — You are special

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6. Моє серденько, моє сонечко… — My sweetheart, my sunshine…


Here are just a few common cute terms of endearment to call a person you love in Ukrainian:

To HIM To HER Universal
коханий — my love

любий — dear

милий — my love, my cute

ведмежатко — little bear

горобчик — sparrow

принц — prince

кохана — my love

люба — dear

мила — my love, my cute

моя зірочка — my star

моя квіточка – my flower

принцеса — princess

серденько — sweetheart

сонечко — little sun

зайченя = зайчик — little rabbit

котеня = котик — kitten

малятко — baby

кохання — love

7. Я щасливий / щаслива з тобою — I am happy with you


= щастя (happiness)

Tell a person you love you are happy with them:

  • Я щасливий з тобою! — I’m happy with you! (male form of “to be happy”)
  • Я щаслива з тобою! — I’m happy with you! (female form of “to be happy”)

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8. Обійми мене! — Hug me!

9Обійматися, обійнятися

is to hug in Ukrainian. Обійми is the noun for hugs. Note how the stress changes in the imperative:

  • Обійми мене! Hug me!

9. Поцілуй мене! — Kiss me!


To kiss in Ukrainian is цілуватися. Поцілунок — a kiss. And here is how to say “Kiss me!” in Ukrainian:

  • Поцілуй мене! — Kiss me!

10. Виходь за мене! — Marry me!


Lastly (but hopefully not the last Ukrainian romantic phrase you use in your partnership ), there is the big proposal. If you are a man and you want to ask a woman to marry you in Ukrainian, say:

  • Виходь за мене заміж! or simply:
  • Виходь за мене!

If you are a woman making a proposal to a man, say:

  • Ти будеш моїм чоловіком? — Will you be my husband?

There is also a universal one:

  • Давай одружимося! — Let’s get married!


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