Are you in love with a Ukrainian? Great choice! Now you should learn some Ukrainian love phrases to impress your loved one and make them fall in love with you even more

Here are 10 Ukrainian love expressions and romantic words with different variations you could use every day!

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1. Я кохаю тебе! Я люблю тебе!  I love you

I love you in Ukrainian

Love is so important for Ukrainians that we even have two different words to name it:

  • Кохання — only romantic love
  • Любов — romantic love + all other kinds of love (to your family, country, or borshcht )

Therefore, there are two ways to say I love you in Ukrainian:

  • Я кохаю тебе!
  • Я люблю тебе!

You can interchange them, as well as add some дуже (very much) at any place:

  • Я дуже тебе кохаю!
  • Я тебе дуже люблю!
  • Дуже-дуже-дуже люблю тебе!

2. З Днем святого Валентина! — Happy Valentine’s Day!


День святого Валентина is Valentine’s day in Ukrainian. Although it is a fairly new holiday for us, Ukrainians do celebrate it nowadays. So, give your loved one a валентинка – St. Valentine’s card with a greeting:

  • З Днем святого Валентина, коханий! Happy Valentine’s Day, my love (male form)!
  • З Днем святого Валентина, кохана! — Happy Valentine’s Day, my love (female form)!

You can also add some other phrases from this article!

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3. Я сумую без тебе, Я скучив (скучила) — I miss you!


Distances can be hard. There are several ways to say I miss you in Ukrainian:

  • Я сумую без тебе I am sad without you (I miss you)
  • Я сумую за тобою — I miss you
  • Я скучив — I’ve missed you (male form of “have missed”)
  • Я скучила I’ve missed you (female form of “have missed”)

4. Будеш моєю дівчиною / моїм хлопцем? — Will you be my girlfriend / my boyfriend?


In Ukrainian, the words for a boyfriend and girlfriend are the same as a boy and a girl — хлопець і дівчина.

If you want to ask a guy to be your boyfriend in Ukrainian, say:

  • Будеш моїм хлопцем? — Will you be my boyfriend?
  • Хочеш бути моїм хлопцем? Do you want to be my boyfriend?

If you want to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, choose one of the questions:

  • Будеш моєю дівчиною? — Will you be my girlfriend?
  • Хочеш бути моєю дівчиною?  Do you want to be my girlfriend?

5. Ти такий гарний / Ти така гарна! — You are so beautiful!


Giving compliments is one of the keys to the heart (another one is cooking Ukrainian food )

If you are giving a compliment to a girl in Ukrainian, you can say:

  • Ти така гарна — You are so beautiful (pretty)
  • Ти чудова — You are awesome
  • Ти неймовірна — You are incredible
  • Ти така добра — You are so kind
  • Ти особлива — You are special

If you are saying this to a guy, just change the ending of the adjective:

  • Ти такий гарний — You are so beautiful (handsome)
  • Ти чудовий — You are awesome
  • Ти неймовірний — You are incredible
  • Ти такий добрий — You are so kind
  • Ти особливий — You are special

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6. Моє серденько, моє сонечко… — My sweetheart, my sunshine…


Here are just a few common cute terms of endearment to call a person you love in Ukrainian:

To HIM To HER Universal
коханий — my love

любий — dear

милий — my love, my cute

ведмежатко — little bear

горобчик — sparrow

принц — prince

кохана — my love

люба — dear

мила — my love, my cute

моя зірочка — my star

моя квіточка – my flower

принцеса — princess

серденько — sweetheart

сонечко — little sun

зайченя = зайчик — little rabbit

котеня = котик — kitten

малятко — baby

кохання — love


7. Я щасливий / щаслива з тобою — I am happy with you


Кохання = щастя (happiness)

Tell a person you love you are happy with them:

  • Я щасливий з тобою! — I’m happy with you! (male form of “to be happy”)
  • Я щаслива з тобою! — I’m happy with you! (female form of “to be happy”)

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8. Обійми мене! — Hug me!


Обійматися, обійнятися is to hug in Ukrainian. Обійми is the noun for hugs. Note how the stress changes in the imperative:

  • Обійми мене! Hug me!

9. Поцілуй мене! — Kiss me!


To kiss in Ukrainian is цілуватися. Поцілунок — a kiss. And here is how to say “Kiss me!” in Ukrainian:

  • Поцілуй мене! — Kiss me!

10. Виходь за мене! — Marry me!


Lastly (but hopefully not the last Ukrainian romantic phrase you use in your partnership ), there is the big proposal. If you are a man and you want to ask a woman to marry you in Ukrainian, say:

  • Виходь за мене заміж! or simply:
  • Виходь за мене!

If you are a woman making a proposal to a man, say:

  • Ти будеш моїм чоловіком? — Will you be my husband?

There is also a universal one:

  • Давай одружимося! — Let’s get married!


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