Ukraine is at war and needs your support more than ever. Even a few kind words in Ukrainian can help someone to feel a little bit better. Here is our list of Ukrainian phrases to express support to your relatives and friends from Ukraine!

Feel free to text them to people, post them on your social, and learn how to say them with our audio tracks to greet people from Ukraine around the world.

Last note: at the bottom of the list, we have some strong (and very popular) profanities regarding russia and its leader; feel free to skip them if you prefer not to learn them.

Expression of solidarity with Ukraine

Слава Україні! — Glory to Ukraine! (often used as a greeting in times of war)

Героям Слава! — Glory to Heroes! (often used as an answer to Слава Україні!)

Слава ЗСУ — Glory to the Ukrainian army! (ЗСУ = Збройні Сили України)

Україна в моєму серці — Ukraine is in my heart.

Все буде Україна! — Everything will be Ukraine!

(…) з вами! — (Insert your country) is with you!


Translation: Instead of saying “Good day,” now we greet each other “Glory to Ukraine!” We will have a good day when we win.

Expressing concern: questions

Як ти? — How are you? (singular)

Як ви? — How are you? (plural or singular formal)

У вас усе добре? — Is everything fine with you?

Як здоров’я? — How is your health? 

Як я можу допомогти? — How can I help?

Які у вас новини? — What is your news? What is happening there?

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Wishing health and safety

Бережи себе! — Take care! (to one person)

Бережіть себе! — Take care! (to many people)

Тримайся! — Hang in there! (to one person)

Тримайтесь! — Hang in there! (to many people)

Повертайся живим і здоровим! — Come back alive and healthy! (to one soldier)

Повертайтеся живими і здоровими! — Come back alive healthy! (to many soldiers)

Нехай повертається живим і здоровим! — Let him come back alive and healthy! (if someone’s relative goes to serve in the army)

Я молюся за тебе — I pray for you (one person).

Я молюся за вас — I pray for you (many people).

Я молюся за Україну — I pray for Ukraine.

Хай Бог береже! — God save you!

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Condemning Russia’s aggression (strong profanity)

Путін — хуйло! — Putin is a dickhead

ПТН — ПНХ! — Abbreviation for “Putin, go fuck yourself» ― Путін, пішов нахуй!

Російський корабель, іди нахуй! — Russian ship, go fuck yourself!


«Russian warship, go fuck yourself!» has become a catchphrase since the first day of the Russo-Ukrainian War. In this way, 13 Ukrainian defenders of Snake Island responded to the Russian warship about its demand to surrender. The Ukrainian postal service, Ukrposhta, commemorated this phrase in a postage stamp. 

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