Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine has already caused thousands of people to die and millions to flee their homes. Ukraine urgently needs assistance from all over the world. This guide highlights how to support Ukraine in the war zones and abroad. 

1. Support the Ukrainian Army

Ukrainians are defending themselves against the largest country in the world. Russia spends ten times as much on its military as Ukraine.  

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Though Ukrainian armed forces are fighting bravely, it is crucial to reinforce them for effective resistance. 

Donate money to support the Ukrainian army

Contributing financially to the army’s capacities is the easiest method of support. Charity fund Повернись живим (Come Back Alive) is the first choice of many. The enterprise helps Ukrainian soldiers by financing military hospitals, mending equipment, and fighting disinformation. Here are other reliable bank accounts that transfer money to the Ukrainian army:

Join the foreign legion

For those with military experience, the Ukrainian government formed a special legion for foreign nationals. If you want to join the Ukrainian armed forces, visit the local Ukrainian embassy. Read the full guide for more information.

2. Help humanitarian organizations

Many Ukrainians, especially children, struggle to survive in the wake of the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe. Local and international NGOs support displaced Ukrainians and civilians in the war zones, providing shelters, food, and medical supplies.

Donate money to humanitarian organizations

We encourage you to donate to Ukrainian local organizations as a first choice. This is how your money can reach people in need faster without bureaucratic procedures and extra expenses. If you prefer to donate to big international organizations, you can find the list of the ones that help Ukraine below.

Ukrainian NGOs

You can also donate to the fundraising account for humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians.

International humanitarian aid organizations

Organize shipments of supplies to Ukraine

Due to war, the humanitarian supply in Ukraine is partly disrupted. If you would like to send clothes, military ammunition, and medicine to Ukrainian armed forces and charity organizations, use Humanitarian Nova Poshta — simply send your shipment to one of the Nova Poshta warehouses abroad. Find out about other ways to send supplies in this article.

Assist with logistics & transportation

If you are by any chance in Ukraine and know how to drive, join local volunteer communities and offer your help. We recommend checking out the Ukrainian Volunteer Service — people share requests of their needs in chats (here is the list of chats by region). 

3. Support Ukrainian refugees

Almost 2 million people fled from Ukraine in the first days of the war, with many yet to arrive. Though many receiving countries do their best to accommodate refugees, Ukrainians require assistance by all means.

Provide shelters in your place of residence

Having a place to sleep is of paramount importance. Whether it is your house, your friend’s apartment, or a local hostel — any help would be appreciated. To host refugees from Ukraine, you can use global services (i.e., Booking or Airbnb) or local groups (see this list for more information).

Assist refugees with basic supplies

Food, medicine, clothes — this is only a tip of the iceberg of Ukrainians’ needs abroad. Urgent demands change every day, so it is important to check the relevant requirements with refugee organizations. Explore the institutions that care for Ukrainians in the neighboring countries





4. Provide jobs to Ukrainians

The humanitarian crisis involves stern challenges in the economic sector. Many Ukrainians are on the brink of losing their jobs. Is there any way to help?

Provide remote job opportunities

Not all Ukrainians get a chance to leave the country. Online job positions are a perfect way to provide long-term support to individual Ukrainians. You can sign up as a hiring partner, a volunteer coach (in Germany), or personally find prospective Ukrainians affected by war. Find more useful information:

Support Ukrainian language teachers

Native speakers of various backgrounds seek job opportunities. They offer teaching services so that you can improve your knowledge of Ukrainian. If you are looking for a Ukrainian teacher, you are welcome to create a post in our Ukrainian learners group or easily book lessons with Ukrainian tutors on italki

5. Spread awareness about Russia’s brutal aggression towards Ukraine

Modern war is waged on many fronts, including online platforms. The image of Ukraine can be distorted by disinformation.  It is essential to show support and share reliable information about Ukraine by all means — see how below.

Join manifestations to protest against the Russian aggression

Local communities, especially in capital cities across the world, organize marches, rallies, and protests to show solidarity with Ukraine. Find active proponents of Ukraine in your local area in this blog post.

Urge your country’s politicians to help Ukraine

In these terrible times, coordinated international support can speed up the end of the war. Your ability to shape local policies can result in harsher sanctions against Russia and efficient assistance for Ukrainians. By signing petitions and urging authorities to react, you help Ukraine to make one step closer to peace.

Share your support on social media

Awareness matters — telling your friends about war atrocities, encouraging to sign petitions, or joining manifestations can help Ukraine tremendously. Share information from reliable sources

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6. Learn the Ukrainian language

By learning the Ukrainian language, you can support Ukrainians around the world, better help the refugees and have access to Ukrainian sources of information. Here is how you can start learning Ukrainian: 

  1. Learn the Ukrainian alphabet with our free guide and this video
  2. Learn your first 100 Most Common Ukrainian Words.
  3. Start listening to the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast — our 5-season audio course for learners of all levels.
  4. Supplement your learning with free online courses (i.e., Duolingo or ПодорожіUA).
  5. Join our Facebook group to ask questions and share successes on your learning journey.

Дякуємо за бажання допомогтиThank you for your willingness to help!

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