In Ukraine, more and more people are celebrating St. Valentine’s Day. In this post, you will find out how to wish someone a Happy Valentine’s Day in Ukrainian and discover some more Ukrainian romantic phrases you can use on your валентинка – Valentine’s card.

How to Say Happy Valentine’s Day in Ukrainian?

There are two common ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day in Ukrainian:

З Днем усіх закоханих! /z dnem usih zakohanyh/

This means Happy All Lovers Day or Happy Day of All in Love. Since this is not a direct translation from English, your loved one will be impressed with your knowledge of the Ukrainian language.

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З Днем Святого Валентина! /z dnem sviatoho valentyna/

This is the most common way to say Happy Valentine’s Day in Ukrainian.

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More Valentine’s Wishes in Ukrainian

If you want to write a longer Valentine’s message or send someone a Valentine’s card (that we call валентинка in Ukrainian), you may find the Ukrainian romantic phrases listed below useful.

1. Любий, люба, коханий, кохана

You can start your message with:

  • Любий …dear (+ a man’s name)
  • Люба …dear (+ a woman’s name)

These can be used with your romantic partner, family member, or friend.

  • Коханий …«loved», dear (+ a man’s name)
  • Кохана«loved», dear (+ a woman’s name)

These are normally used only with your romantic partner.

2. Я люблю тебе! Я кохаю тебе!

«I love you» can be translated in two ways in Ukrainian:

  • Я люблю тебе! – used with your romantic partner, close friends, or family members
  • Я кохаю тебе! – used only with your romantic partner
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Add дуже or дуже-дуже for more love 🙂

  • Я дуже-дуже люблю тебе! – I love you sooo much!
  • Я дуже кохаю тебе! – I love you very much!

3. Я шаленію від тебе. = Я божеволію від тебе.

This is something you could say in your Valentine’s message to a person you are crazy about:

  • Я шаленію від тебе. = Я божеволію від тебе.I am crazy about you.

4. Я не уявляю життя без тебе.

And here is a phrase for if you are madly in love:

  • Я не уявляю життя без тебе.I can’t imagine my life without you.

5. Цілую, ніжно обіймаю, з любов’ю

Here are some ways to finish your Valentine’s message to a loved one (your partner, close friends, or family):

  • ЦілуюI kiss you (Kisses)
  • Ніжно обіймаюI embrace you softly (Loving hugs)
  • З любов’юWith love

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З Днем усіх закоханих вас! Обіймаю!

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