You know how to say ‘thank you’ in Ukrainian but how do you respond to “дякую”? Just like in English, it depends on the circumstances. Let’s start with the basics before moving on to some advanced stuff. Learn 6 ways to say “you are welcome” in Ukrainian!

Будь ласка [bud’ laska] — Please

Don’t be surprised with the translation — будь ласка is the most universal way to respond to “дякую”. In fact, if you speak to a Ukrainian who has just started learning English, you’ll probably hear ‘please’ after your ‘thank you’ 🙂

respond to thank you in Ukrainian

Прошу [proshu] — You’re welcome

It must be the second most common response. The stress of this word is very important: if you pronounce прошУ, it sounds like a verb просити [prosyty] — to ask. With the first syllable emphasized, you’ll get it just right. 

you are welcome in Ukrainian

Нема за що [nema za shcho] — Don’t mention it

Нема за що means ‘there’s nothing to be thankful for’, our most humble way to respond to “дякую”. It doesn’t mean that you have done a little thing. It just proves that you’re a modest person.

respond to дякую in Ukrainian

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На здоров’я [na zdorovja] — For a good health

This expression is also very common due to its positive vibe. It can be used literally (when said by a pharmacist, for example) or ironically (when someone shared a cigarette). Also, people often say на здоров’я instead of будь ласка, not thinking about health whatsoever.

you are welcome in Ukrainian

Рости великий /
Рости велика [rosty velykyi / velyka] — Grow big

This response is usually used with children. Say великий to a boy and велика to a girl. You may say it to adults, too, if it’s an informal setting.

По спині ломакою [po spyni lomakoju] — I’ll hit you with a stick

It’s quite familiar, so be careful. Why would you threaten someone who thanked you? God only knows the etymology of the expression. However, it rhymes nicely, so I find it rather amusing and often say it to my family and friends.  


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So, how was it? Which response are you going to use next time? Let me know in the comments!

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