Beautiful, mysterious, alluring, and tortured — Crimea is a land, truly unparalleled in every aspect. From its rich yet complex history to its multicultural landscape, the Crimean peninsula is endlessly fascinating. 

In Season 6 of our Ukrainian Lessons Podcast (in slow Ukrainian), we’re excited to present a captivating mini-series titled “Про Крим” (“About Crimea“). This series offers both an engaging way to learn Ukrainian and a comprehensive exploration of Crimea. 

Join us as we delve into:

  • географія і корінні народи geography and indigenous peoples;
  • історія — history;
  • відомі особистості famous personalities;
  • гастрономічні традиції — culinary traditions.

On this page below, you can listen to all the ULP episodes about Crimea in slow Ukrainian and find dozens of useful links to learn more about Crimea.

ULP 6-217 | Про Крим. Частина 1: Географія та корінні народи

Delve into the first part as we explore Crimea’s diverse geography and indigenous peoples in easy-to-follow Ukrainian.

Too difficult to understand slow Ukrainian yet? Check out Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Season 1 and Season 2 for easier episodes with English! To boost your learning, subscribe to our Premium with lesson notes and digital flashcards – our ultimate self-learning guide!

ULP 6-218 | Про Крим. Частина 2: Коротка історія Криму

Welcome to Part 2 of our series “About Crimea” where we explore the main aspects of the history of Crimea, from its earliest settlers to recent developments, all in slow Ukrainian.

Discover more facts about Crimea’s history:

ULP 6-219 | Про Крим. Частина 3: Відомі особистості

In Part 3 of our series “Про Крим”, we spotlight the most eminent and famous people of Crimea — artists, political and cultural activists — who have contributed to the unique identity of the peninsula.

You can also read more about famous Crimeans, mentioned in the episode: 

Find out about the lives and accomplishments of the most famous Ukrainians who have played pivotal roles in shaping modern Ukraine in our ULP Season 4 — Episodes 151–160 (in slow Ukrainian).

ULP 6-220 | Про Крим. Частина 4: Гастрономічні традиції

In the final part of our series about Crimea, we invite you for a special treat! Discover common Crimean dishes and culinary traditions that define its unique gastronomic heritage.

Master your language and cooking skills with these bonus materials: 

Борщ, вареники, кутя Ukraine is famous for its cuisine! Explore Ukrainian смаколики – delicacies in our food guide (with pictures)!


Now, you’re ready to have discussions about Crimea and all in Ukrainian! Enhance your learning with our detailed lesson notes for an easier learning experience.

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And remember: Крим — це Україна 💙💛

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