Here are our top 10 episodes of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast and 5 Minute Ukrainian for Ukrainian language beginners. 

First words in Ukrainian

If you have just started your learning, building up the basic vocabulary is crucial. Ukrainian Lessons Podcast can be a perfect starting point for structured learning — each lesson is easily digestible with new words and grammar rules in each episode. 

The first 3 episodes are perfect for memorizing new words and useful phrases in context, with fun dialogues and explanations in English.

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Episode 1 covers informal greetings and short responses so that you can start a conversation in Ukrainian. You can listen to it right away here:

Learn personal pronouns and polite words for formal occasions in Ukrainian with Episode 2.

Curious to meet Ukrainians? Find out how to introduce yourself and pronounce popular Ukrainian names in Episode 3

Boost your vocabulary with our list of 20 useful short Ukrainian words!

«I’m sorry, I don’t understand»

Someone asks you a question in Ukrainian but you do not know how to answer? Start with our basic phrases like «Я не розумію» or «Що-що?»

Learn these useful expressions with 5 Minute Ukrainian — episodes with short dialogues that will help you start speaking ASAP. 

Make a habit to listen to 5 Minute Ukraine during your daily commute or morning walk ― consistency is the key to learning a language!

Explain that you are a Ukrainian language beginner with Episode 1 and be ready to immerse in conversational Ukrainian.

You can get the lesson notes for the first lesson of FMU for free:

In Episode 20, you will learn some essential Ukrainian expressions:

One, two, three…

Counting in foreign languages is often a challenge, let alone in Ukrainian with a different alphabet and sounds. 

After listening to Episode 5 of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast, numbers will seem less scary. Not only will you learn how to count in Ukrainian but you will also practice how to pronounce [и] — one of the trickiest Ukrainian sounds. 

Days of the week and months in Ukrainian will be as easy as ABC with Episode 15. Also, you can master your pronunciation of soft consonants and sound like a native! 

Review and strengthen

Have you listened to all the previous episodes? It is time to recap and build on the progress with 5 Minute Ukrainian! In the following episodes, you will be able to review basic topics and learn a little bit more.

Learn the most common ways to introduce yourself in Ukrainian with Episode 21 and impress natives with your knowledge:

Become creative with your Ukrainian greetings after listening to Episode 50:

With Episode 60, find out about the authentic ways to say goodbye in Ukrainian:


We hope these podcast collections will help you start learning and quickly become proficient in the Ukrainian language. 

Find out more tips for Ukrainian language beginners in our guide with 5 steps to get you started.

На все добре! ― All the best!

Have you already reached a higher level of proficiency in Ukrainian? Then check out Ukrainian YouTube channelsnews outlets, and podcasts for fruitful learning.