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10 most popular articles on Ukrainian Lessons

№10 – 12+ Ukrainian YouTube Channels To Practice Your Ukrainian

Література, стиль життя, кулінарія, подорожі… Choose the most interesting Youtube channels from our list to practice your listening skills in Ukrainian. And if you follow others, let us know in the comments, будь ласка.

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№9 – Ukrainian national anthem with translation: Ще не вмерла України

We were happy to find out that many people read our post with the lyrics of the Ukrainian National Anthem in Ukrainian and English. Listen to this special song and find out more about Ukrainian culture! Maybe you will have a chance to sing it on Ukrainian Independence Parade in Kyiv some year.

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№8 – Ukrainian And Russian Languages: How Similar? How Different?

Ukrainian and Russian differences

Compare how similar different languages are.

How similar are the Ukrainian and Russian languages? This is probably the most common question foreigners ask us. We are always happy to explain! In this article, find the similarities and differences between Ukrainian and Russian on the different linguistic levels: vocabulary, letters & sounds, grammar, and sentence structure.

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№7 – Best Ukrainian Dictionaries for Learning Ukrainian: Online, Hardcovers and Applications

A good dictionary is crucial for learning a language. In this article, we will show you our favorite Ukrainian dictionaries both online and offline.

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№6 – Introduction to Cases in Ukrainian Language

Cases in Ukrainian can be scary. Not if you take it easy and learn them slowly with no stress. Start with the general introduction to cases in this article. The author gives some great strategies to learn them in the most efficient way.

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№5 – (Awesome) Names of Months in Ukrainian and their Origin (with pictures!)

months in Ukrainian

Травень – May in Ukrainian – comes from the word “трава”

This article is always receiving many delighted comments on the social media. It’s about the names of the months in Ukrainian and their connection to nature and agriculture. So easy and fun to learn with those images!

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№4 – 100 Most Common Words in Ukrainian

If you are a beginner in learning Ukrainian, start with the most common Ukrainian words. Boost your Ukrainian vocabulary with our free resource which includes a word list with examples, paper flashcards, and digital flashcards with audio and pictures.

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Need more than 100 words? We’ve got 1000 most useful Ukrainian words ebook for you.

№3 – 7 Great Ukrainian Movies You Can Watch Online

If you want to master your Ukrainian language or just learn more about Ukrainian culture, we have you covered with this list of Ukrainian movies. You can watch most of them directly on our website!

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№2 – 50+ Ukrainian Love Phrases And Romantic Words

If you in love with a Ukrainian man or woman, you should learn some Ukrainian love phrases to impress your beloved one and make him or her love you more. In this article find various love expressions and romantic words you could use every day.

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№1 – 14 Basic Ukrainian Phrases for Your Trip to Ukraine (+ a Cheat Sheet For Your Device!)

If you plan to go to Ukraine or just start learning Ukrainian, these basic Ukrainian phrases are for you. No wonder this blog post with the most useful phrases in Ukrainian has been #1 page by people’s visits for a long time. In the recent update, you can find a useful downloadable cheat sheet for your phone!

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