Are you familiar with the basic terms used in the study of Ukrainian? Іменники and дієслова, однина and множина, роди and відмінки, доконаний and недоконаний вид: you’ve probably heard some of these terms before.

Linguistic and grammatical terms are a part of the learning process, though these terms were developed in order to analyze languages rather than help people to learn them. 🙂

So, the following terms in the table are used to talk about grammar and other linguistic aspects of Ukrainian language:

basic terms used in the study of Ukrainian

If you are a beginner, grammatical terminology may seem quite complicated and useless for you. While it may seem useless, it isn’t. First, you can find out more by reading articles devoted to Ukrainian grammar and other language aspects on our website.

Звуки і букви – Sounds and letters:

Letters / sounds х, г, ґ in Ukrainian

Частини мови – Parts of speech:

Common Ukrainian adjectives – Типові прикметники

Прикметники і прислівники – Adjectives and adverbs of the same stem in Ukrainian

Verbs of Motion in Ukrainian: So Easy with These Pictures!

Прийменники місця – Prepositions of place in Ukrainian

Ukrainian Prepositions With Cases That Follow (+ examples!)

Роди – Genders:

Noun genders in Ukrainian

Число – Number:

Множина іменників – Plural of nouns in Ukrainian

Множина іменників: особливі форми | Plural of Ukrainian nouns: special forms

Відмінки – Cases:

Introduction to Cases in Ukrainian Language

10 Uses of the Genitive Case in Ukrainian

Accusative case in Ukrainian – Знахідний відмінок (with exercises!)

Часи – Tenses:

Минулий час – Past tense in Ukrainian

Future tense in Ukrainian – Майбутній час

There are controversial views for and against using grammatical terminology in the foreign language learning process. What do you think of learning/using grammatical terminology? Do language learners need to know it? Write in the comments!

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