Learn plural of nouns in Ukrainian with this table. All you need to know is the gender of a noun and the ending of the stem – hard (like in дід, мама) or soft (like in дідусь, матуся).

Be careful! There are some vowel changes too (in the masculine gender).

Can you think of more examples for each rule? Write down in the comments!

Plural of nouns in Ukrainian

Фільм – фільми ― a movie – movies

Жінка – жінки ― a woman – women

Слово – слова ― a word – words

Хлопець – хлопці ― a boy – boys

Груша – груші ― a pear – pears

Море – моря ― a sea – seas

Огірок – огірки ― a cucumber – cucumbers

Річ – речі ― a thing – things

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