10 Ukrainian Cartoons for Language Learners — to Watch Online for Free!

Ukrainian cartoons

You may go, Cartoons? Why on Earth would I want to watch Ukrainian cartoons? Well, the answer is simple. All adults have a little child inside who likes watching fun colourful videos. Ukrainian cartoons are a source of simple and clear language. It’s also a great window into Ukrainian culture.

Ого! Ой! — Ukrainian Exclamations (with Audio and Memes)

Ukrainian exclamations

Wow, it’s an article about Ukrainian exclamations! But hang on, how do you say ‘wow’ in Ukrainian? Of course, people often use exclamations without even realizing it, that’s why it’s hard to remember the foreign ones. Let’s give it a try, shall we?

My Favorite Ukrainian Bands

Ukrainian bands

It’s not a secret that listening to songs is one of the most pleasant ways to learn another language. It works on so many different levels! First, it gives you some new words to learn. Second, you can see grammar rules in action. Third, singing along improves your pronunciation! And last but not least, it’s nice and easy 🙂 The only hard part may be finding a band that you will love. Here are my favorite ones!