Wow, it’s an article about Ukrainian exclamations! But hang on, how do you say ‘wow’ in Ukrainian? Of course, people often use exclamations without even realizing it, that’s why it’s hard to remember the foreign ones. Let’s give it a try, shall we?

Ой! [oj] – Oops!

This is the first word Ukrainians say when they realize they have made a mistake. You can find some examples in our article about apologizing in Ukrainian.

Ой, я знову це зробила. – Oops, I did it again.

Ukrainian Exclamations
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Фу! [fu] – Ew!

This is another example of emotional Ukrainian exclamations. It expresses dislike or even disgust

Що це так смердить? Фу! – What smells so badly in here? Ew!

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Га? [ha] – Huh?

This is the fastest way to ask someone to repeat the thing you didn’t quite catch. Be careful: it’s very colloquial, so don’t overuse it.

Га? Що ти сказав? – Huh? What did you say?

Ukrainian Exclamations

Ого! [oho]  – Wow!

Use Ого! when you are impressed or astonished:

Ого, це неймовірно! – Wow, that’s incredible! 

Ukrainian Exclamations
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Ура! [ura] – Woohoo!

A very emotional Ukrainian exclamation that is used to express joy:

Ура, новий епізод подкасту!Woohoo, it’s a new episode of the podcast!

Ukrainian Exclamations
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Фух! [fukh] – Phew!

Imagine avoiding some danger; what would you say? Ukrainians would say Фух! We also use it when the hard work is over. In general, Фух! expresses relief.

Нарешті ми закінчили цей проєкт! Фух!We have finally finished this project! Phew! 

Ukrainian Exclamations
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Ням-ням! [n’am-n’am] – Yum-yum!

You’ll say Ням-ням! when you try some delicious Ukrainian cuisine 😉

Ням-ням! Можна ще? – Yum-yum! Can I have some more?

Ukrainian Exclamations
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Нічого собі! [nichoho sobi] – Woah!

Нічого собі! can be used to express amazement.

Нічого собі, ця сукня розкішна! – Woah, the dress is gorgeous! 

Ukrainian Exclamations
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О Боже! [o bozhe] – Oh my God!

This Ukrainian exclamation is highly multifunctional. We use it to express surprise, fear, disbelief, frustration, or excitement. It’s very common even among atheists – it’s not religious 😀

О Боже, вкрали мій гаманець! – Oh my God, my wallet has been stolen!

Ukrainian Exclamations
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Did you like this article? Ура 🙂 Do you know any other exclamations in Ukrainian? Make sure to use it and the ones you’ve just learned with us in your speech! 

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