Oh, are you staying up too late on Facebook again? Is it time to say goodnight? Even if it is, I bet you still have time for one more article 😉

So, how do you say goodnight in Ukrainian?

Добраніч [dobranich] =
На добраніч — Goodnight

‘Добраніч’ equals good night.’ It is similar to ‘добрий ранок’ — good morning,’ ‘добрий день’ — good day and ‘добрий вечір’ — good evening.’ However, unlike all of them, ‘добраніч’ isn’t a greeting; it’s a way to say goodbye.

Pay attention to the spelling as well: it is one word. Use ‘добраніч’ if you know that a person you’re talking to is going to bed. There is also an alternative, ‘на добраніч’ [na dobranich], with the same meaning. Feel free to say either of them 🙂

goodnight in Ukrainian

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Солодких снів! [solodkykh sniv] — Sweet dreams!

Again, this expression can be translated word for word: ‘солодкий’ is sweet,’ and ‘сни’ means dreams.’ Change them to a genitive case — and you get this cute expression. It’s essentially like wishing the person to have sweet dreams.

sweet dreams in Ukainian
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Добре виспись! [dobre vyspys’] — Have a good night’s sleep!

Imagine your friend is having an important exam tomorrow. It’s midnight, and they are still cramming. You know it’s useless at this hour, so you suggest going to bed. This is a perfect situation to say ‘добре виспися’ (or ‘добре виспись,’ they are the same). Remember: lack of sleep reduces your brain efficiency! 😉good night in Ukrainian

Do you want to thank your friend for caring for you and making you go to sleep before your exam? Now you know how!

Баю-бай! [baiu-bai] – Nighty night!

‘Баю-бай’ must be the first goodnight expression Ukrainian babies hear from their mothers. Use it with young children when you don’t feel like singing a lullaby. Also, these affectionate words are appropriate for your romantic partners or very close friends. 

good night sweet dreems Ukrainian
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Лягай спатоньки! [liahai spaton’ky] – Go to bed! /
Пора спатоньки! [pora spaton’ky] ― It’s time to go to bed!

I think I’ve heard it hundreds of times from my parents and grandparents. ‘Лягай’ is ‘lie’ in the imperative, and ‘cпатоньки’ [spatonky] is an extremely sweetened form of the verb ‘спати’ — ‘to sleep.’ Use it with the people you love ❤️

sweet dreams in Ukrainian
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I hope this article hasn’t made you yawn. What time is it? It’s not too late now, is it? And if it is, на добраніч, dear reader! 🙂 

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