Make learning Ukrainian easier – create mind maps! This is a wonderful way to memorize difficult rules in an easy, funny, and colorful way. Mind maps help your mind to structure all the information without overloading it with unnecessary things.

1. What is a mind map?

Our brain does not always work logically. Ideas come to our minds with the help of associations. When one concept leads to several smaller thoughts, these smaller thoughts – to the others, the linear system of thinking does not work. Mind maps are made to solve this problem and to create a field of free brain work, which is a bit similar to the mind storm technique. This is also an effective way to remember new information.

2. How mind maps work

We think with associations, so you need to write a central concept first and then add everything that comes to your mind. If you know nothing about the topic, just google it and systemize your findings in your own way. In general, it looks really simple:

3. How to use mind maps for learning Ukrainian

This is a very effective tool for learning foreign languages. It helps you to remember things not just technically but to memorize them on a hunch. When you create a mind map, it becomes your personal language guide. Mind maps are very useful for foreign grammar and vocabulary. You may use them for both wide and narrow topics or make one great map for everything. For instance, this is an example of the basic grammar mind map for the Genitive case in Ukrainian: You can read more about the Ukrainian cases here. You may also search for some exceptions, add pictures and links, change colors, and share your mind maps with other users.

4. The best apps to create the mind maps

You may use mind maps in both paper and digital formats. There are many tools that can help you with that. Here are some of the best programs for you to create digital mind maps: https://www.mindjet.comhttps://coggle.it

If you want to share your mind maps with your friends or other Ukrainian learners, use GoCoqr.

5. Which topics to choose

Here are some topics from which you may choose to start your Ukrainian mind-mapping journey 🙂



Use the mind maps not only for Ukrainian learning but also for your work, studies, and other projects. You will see how easier everything can become.

Успіхів з вивченням української! Good luck with learning Ukrainian!

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