Possessive pronouns in Ukrainian have different forms according either to the gender or the plural form of the noun they are linked to.

Listen to the pronunciation and repeat. For more practice and context, go and check Ukrainian Lessons Podcast Episode 7, where we talk about family and use possessive pronouns with family members. 

Possessive pronouns vocabulary in Ukrainian – infographic

Possessive Pronouns in Ukrainian

Possessive pronouns vocabulary in Ukrainian – word list and audio

мій, моя, моє, мої – my

твій, твоя, твоє, твої – your (sing.)

його – his

її – her

наш, наша, наше, наші – our

ваш, ваша, ваше, ваші – your (pl.)

їхній, їхня, їхнє, їхні – their

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