Привіт! It feels necessary to discuss how to say goodbye in Ukrainian, as not so long ago we learned Ukrainian greetings. Let’s begin talking about goodbyes.

До побачення! [do pobachenn’a] – Goodbye! (formal)

This is the most common way of saying ‘goodbye’ in Ukrainian after you finish your business with someone. It literally means “to be seeing again,” so it carries a positive vibe.good bye in Ukrainian

Бувай! [buvaj] /
Давай! [davaj – Bye! (informal)

These are useful for every conversation that started with Привіт! The target audience is the same: peers, friends, or even friendly strangers. Бувай and Давай sound very similar and are totally interchangeable. You can hear it in this farewell song by Арсен Мірзоян:

До зустрічі! [do zustrichi] /
Побачимось! [pobachymos’] – See you later!

These two are less formal than До побачення. They’re especially useful if you’ve mentioned your next meeting in the conversation.see you later in Ukrainian

Прощай! /
Прощавай! [proshchaj / proshchavaj] – Farewell!

When ‘goodbye’ isn’t enough, it’s time for this one. It has a bit of drama. You say Прощай / Прощавай when you don’t expect to see the person again. This is why a farewell party is called прощальна вечірка [proshchal’na vechirka] in Ukrainian.

Farewell to arms, one of Hemingway’s greatest novels, is ‘Прощавай, зброє’ [proshchavaj zbroje]. Do you see what I mean? It’s a very strong way of saying goodbye in Ukrainian.

Прощавай is a tiny bit more formal than прощай, but feel free to use both of them with little difference. bye in Ukrainian

Па-па! [pa-pa] – Bye-bye!

This word is one of the sweetest and friendliest. If you’re in a hurry, go for the first syllable only – Па! – and you’re gone.

In central and eastern Ukraine, you will hear people say Пака! – it is Russian, but some Ukrainians use it as well (when speaking Ukrainian).

На все добре! [na vse dobre] – All the best!

You use this way of saying goodbye when you want to wish someone good luck. It’s similar to ‘Have a nice day’ – Гарного дня!
good bye see you in Ukrainian

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Чао какао! [chao kakao] – See you later, alligator!

Ok, I know this one may be silly, but I love it dearly because my mom often says it. Literally Чао какао! means ‘Ciao cocoa’ which is nonsense, but in Ukrainian, it rhymes and never fails to make me smile. Try using it with your Ukrainian friends and see if they manage to keep a straight face.informal good bye in Ukrainian


These little expressions will definitely help you sound like a native. To continue learning, listen to our podcast episode about saying goodbye in Ukrainian, or look at other essential phrases for beginners in this article. Чао какао! 😉 

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