Just like “dessert” and “desert” in English, there are some confusing Ukrainian words that drive learners crazy. Sometimes it is not only about memorization (вистава vs. виставка) but also about hearing the difference in pronunciation that is obvious for Ukrainians but not so much for language learners (голодний vs. холодний, грип vs. гриб).

Take a look at the difference between those common confusing Ukrainian words that sound alike, but most importantly, listen to my pronunciation and repeat them many times. Then, start using them!

1. Курка і куртка

confusing Ukrainian words: куртка і курка
Курка в куртці

This is the reason this article was created. All thanks to the funny story of my student who wanted to buy куртка in the food market in Ukraine. 🙂

So, remember:

курка — 1) a hen (an animal); 2) chicken (meat)
— a jacket

2. Квітка, квіти — квиток, квитки

These are the words you must practice pronouncing, especially in the plural (pay attention to the word stress!):

квітка — a flower
— flowers
— a ticket
— tickets

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3. Вхід і вихід

різниця між словами вхід і вихід

This is one situation when just one vowel sound can turn the word into its opposite. Moreover, these two are very important in the cities in Ukraine. Memorize the spelling and pronunciation and pay attention next time you are in Kyiv’s subway:

вхід — entrance
— exit

4. Місце і місто

So similar at first but different at the end. Listen and repeat:

місце — a place; місця — places

місто — a city, a town; міста — cities, towns

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5. Схід і захід, східний і західний

різниця між словами схід і захід

Above you can see a photo from a beautiful project, “Схід та Захід – разом” by Володимир Кисіль. Two girls represent two parts of Ukraine that are different but similar at the same time, as they belong to one nation.

The girl from Захід (West) is on the left, and the girl from Схід (East) — on the right. “Схід та Захід — разом” has been a popular Ukrainian slogan during the revolutions, protests, and national holidays.Pay special attention on the word stress:

Схід — East
— Eastern
— West
— Western

6. Гриб і грип

In Ukrainian, the consonants at the end always sound as they are; they don’t become unvoiced, so hear the difference:

гриб — a mushroom
-— a flu

7. Вистава і виставка

These two words are confusing because they both mean certain artistic events. However, try to see the difference in the афішіposters below:confusing Ukrainian words: виставка і вистава різниця між словами вистава і виставка

вистава — a play, a performance
— an exhibition

8. Грам і храм

Г and Х are quite a confusing couple of Ukrainian sounds. So, with the following similar words, you can try and practice pronouncing them distinctively:

грам — a gram
— a temple

9. Холодний і голодний

difference between голодний і холодний in Ukrainian
Я голодний!

This is a classic foreigners’ mistake that makes Ukrainians smile.

If you are hungry, make sure to pronounce your ггг, do not say: “Я холодний” which means something like “My body is cold” and sounds funny. In case you are cold, say: “Мені холодно.”

The difference between голодний і холодний might seem impossible to catch at first, so be sure to practice:

холодний — cold (masculine);
— hungry (masculine);

  • Вода холодна. — The water is cold.
  • Я голодна.I am hungry (feminine).
  • Мені холодно.I am cold.
різниця між словами голодний і холодний
Мені холодно!


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Бажаю успіхів і веселого навчання! I wish you good luck and fun studies! 

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