People damned each other probably from the times they started to speak. Specific “curses” are in every language, and Ukrainian is no exception. We’ve prepared for you “a digest” of angry expressions in Ukrainian: some are quite old, and some are widely used even now

We can’t guarantee you’ll hear all of them (and we hope you won’t). What we can promise is some fun while reading the article.

Want to know what angry Ukrainians say? Let’s start.
Сердиті українціangry Ukrainians

А хай тобі… 

To start, let’s have a look at how almost every curse begins:

А щоб тобі (тебе)…

А бодай тобі (тебе)…

А хай тобі

 angry expressions in Ukrainian
А хай тобі

All have the same meaning and are interchangeable. They mean “let it happen to you”. What specifically can you wish on your enemy in Ukrainian? 

Angry expressions in Ukrainian with animals

А щоб тобі курка (жаба) на ногу наступила – Let a hen (a frog) step on your foot!

In some abusive expressions, one asks for assistance from animals, birds, or even insects:

  А щоб вас качка копнула! – Let a duck kick you!

  А щоб тобі курка (жаба) на ногу наступила! – Let a hen (a frog) step on your foot!

А щоб тебе муха вбрикнула! – Let a fly kick you!

  А щоб на тебе кицька чхнула! – Let a cat sneeze at you!

 angry expressions in Ukrainian

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Angry expressions in Ukrainian: Physical activities 

Some of the curses foresee odd physical activities for a receiver:

  А щоб вас підняло і гепнуло! – Let you be lifted and dropped!

  Щоб тебе в прецель скрутило! – Let you be curled as a pretzel!

  А щоб тобі рачки лазити! – Let you crawl on all fours!

angry expressions in Ukrainian
Лазити рачки can be useful.

Here is one that’s a little crueler:

А щоб твоєю пикою просо молотили! – May someone thresh millet with your face!

Angry expressions in Ukrainian: Body changes 

Some curses predict dangerous body changes:

  Щоб тобі пір’я в роті поросло! – Let feathers grow in your mouth!

  Щоб тебе швидка Настя зносила! – Let you be hit by Fast Nastia (Fast Nastia means diarrhea)!

 angry expressions in Ukrainian
Вуличний туалет  Outdoor toilet

  Щоб ти скис! – Let you become sour!

  Щоб ти луснув! – Let you burst!

Грець, біс, and others 

Here are some more. For starters, all these expressions are actively used…

  Щоб вам гарно жилося! – Let you have a good life!

While I have never heard «щоб вам курка на ногу наступила», «щоб вам гарно жилося» was constantly said in my office.

When someone refused to comment on something for no reason, they usually said: «А щоб вам добре жилося», «А шоб ви були здорові»let you have a good life, may you be healthy! Of course, the meaning is the opposite. It’s a mild way to say you don’t wish them anything good at the moment. And here is a way to say it directly.

  Щоб вам добра не було! – Let no good happen to you!

  Хай йому всячина! – Let anything happen to you!

Всячина means “everything” or “anything”, a widely used expression.

  Біс із ним, чорт із ним! – Let the devil be with it (leave it alone, let it be, don’t pay attention).

  Хай тобі грець! – Let грець happen to you!

 Angry expressions in Ukrainian
Хай тобі грець!

«Грець» is a little more difficult. If you ask, nobody would explain who or what is грець.

If we look up грець in the dictionaries, we would find out it means a sickness attack. The word comes from the verb гратиto play (to behave strangely, to be too active). The expression could be translated as “let you be sick”, but nobody usually keeps in mind the literal meaning. It’s just a mystical грець.

Досить! – Enough!


Enough angry expressions in Ukrainian for now! We hope you won’t find yourself in a situation listening to them. But if you do, you’ll be prepared to respond.

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