What comes to mind when learning Ukrainian verb prefixes? Maybe складноdifficult or even страшноscary? We come to the rescue with our collection of pictures, grammar explanations, and examples!

Understanding Ukrainian verb prefixes is crucial, given how radically they can change the word’s context of use – slightly altering the definition (вчитививчити) or meaning something entirely different from the original stem (їхатиприїхати).

Prefixes are key for learning the perfective verb aspects and future forms – commonly challenging topics for Ukrainian language learners.

Ukrainian Lessons Podcast and its Premium Membership has an excellent overview of Ukrainian prefixes and how to use them in practice. You will find episodes under each featured prefix below.

Prefix в- (у-)

Let’s start with the easy one! Separately в or у are prepositions, meaning “in.” When adding them as prefixes to verbs, they can mean not only movement inside but also careful action.

How to decide which one to use – в- or у-? Many verbs can use these prefixes interchangeably, like увійти = ввійти, вберегтися = уберегтися while some have only в-вчитатися.

To check yourself and learn the correct word and prefix combinations, use websites like СловникUA

When to choose what – в vs. у, з vs. із? Our popular article on euphony in Ukrainian covered it – be sure to check it out!

More insights on prefix в- (у-)? Take your notebook and hit play below to listen to ULP Episode 86!

Prefix ви- 

Have you heard about Zelenskyy’s phrase, “Вийди звідси, розбійнику” (“Get out of here, bandit”)? It may be the most famous usage of the Ukrainian prefix ви– in mass culture. 

As a separate word, ви is a pronoun (formal or plural “you”), but with a verb, it usually denotes full action or moving outwards.

For more explanations, listen now or save ULP Episode 81 for later:

Prefix від- (віді-)

Here comes the prefix with so many meanings that you could write a novel! It has many, often opposing, meanings – decreasing, canceling, opening, or moving something

❗️ For easier learning, you can memorize one meaning with an example at a time, slowly adding more for future study sessions.

Click play on ULP Episode 84 for more learning!

Prefix до-

This prefix is more straightforward, mostly meaning achieving results of adding something. 

❗️ Note that до- with reflexive verbs denotes a negative result.

Everything you wanted to know about the verb prefix до– is in Episode 83:

Prefix з-, с-, зі-

In most examples, these prefixes mean completed actions or results. But how to use them correctly?

  • з- is the most common prefix in this category. You can encounter it before most consonants and vowels;
  • с- appears before certain voiceless oral consonants – к, ф, п, т, and х (for easier memorization, learn the phrase “Кафе «Птах»”);
  • зі- is used before verbs beginning with two or three consonants (e.g., грати зіграти, йти зійти).

Find out more with ULP Episode 88!

Prefix за-

As a preposition, за- can mean behind, beyond, or after, but with verbs, it has a whole collection of meanings that elevates the speaking to a new level!

More theory and practice in ULP Episode 89!

Prefix на-

This prefix is popular for forming the perfective verb aspect (e.g., вчити навчити), and its meaning ranges from completed action to change of state.

Check out Episode 89, listed above!

Prefix об- (обі-)

The prefix об– has various kinds of movements and actions behind its meaning, often connected with traveling

ULP Episode 84 will share many insights on this Ukrainian verb prefix with you!

Prefix пере-

Another verb prefix with many meanings, пере– denotes repeated actions, movements across or to another place, or something exceeding.

Do you feel you need to review everything and put everything “into shelves” – розкласти все по поличках? Then click play on Episode 81 below!

Prefix під-

Separately під– is a preposition, translated as “under.” Before a verb, it can mean a whole bunch of stuff – to lift, underline, or even overhear something.

Enjoy vocabulary and grammar explanations around this topic in ULP Episode 83:

Prefix по-

The prefix по- plays an important role in both imperfective and perfective verb aspects. In imperfective verbs, it shows repetitive action and also turns some verbs into perfective.

Listen to more insights on the verb prefix по- in ULP Episode 82:

Prefix при-

To denote an arrival, adding, or owning something, при– will come in useful.

To learn more, listen to Episode 82, mentioned above!

Prefix про-

You can use про separately as a preposition (meaning “about”) or with other verbs (hopefully, the verb проспати will not be too relatable 😅).

Не пройдіть повз Епізод 87! – Do not walk past Episode 87 😉

Prefix роз- (розі-)

Last but not least – the prefix роз-! You can use it with a bunch of stuff – for cutting cakes, throwing things around, or storytelling.

Find out more in our Episode 87!


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