Our language is very beautiful, and one of the reasons is euphony in Ukrainian. In this article, find out how to use У vs В, І vs Й, and З vs ЗІ vs ІЗ in Ukrainian.

What is euphony in Ukrainian?

Ukrainian is one of the few languages that have their own natural ways of sounding good. These include a large number of vowels, soft consonants, and simplification of sounds. If you want to sound as beautiful as native speakers, you have to remember the rules of euphony – правила милозвучності.

Милозвучність – “nice sounding” or euphony – means avoiding too many consonants or vowels in a row. So, what are the rules of euphony in Ukrainian

What do у / в, і / й, з / зі / із mean?

Here is the basic translation of these short words:

  • Both у and в mean in, at.
  • Both i and й are variants of and
  • З, із, and зі are translated as with or from

Be aware that these are the basic meanings. They may change depending on the words around them. Well, see for yourself!

Alternation у-в, і-й

ConsonantУ / Іconsonant

This is clear: to avoid consonants piling up, add a vowel.

  • Я ж тільки заглянув у телефон, перевірив інстаграм і фейсбук.
    I have just looked at my phone, checked Instagram and Facebook.

Vowel  В / Й  vowel 

Obviously, there should not be too many vowels as well. 

  • На вечерю в Андрія курка й омлет.
    Andrew has chicken and an omelet for dinner.
euphony in Ukrainian
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Vowel  У  в, ф, льв, св., тв., зв

All of the abovementioned consonant collocations (льв, св, тв, etc.) sound similar to в; that is why we use у to achieve euphony in Ukrainian.

  • Гарно у Франківську!
    It is beautiful in Frankivsk! 
euphony in Ukrainian
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Vowel  В  consonant (except for в, ф, льв, св., тв., зв)

When there is both a consonant and a vowel, go for в in the sentence.

  • Поїхали в Канаду!
    Let’s go to Canada! 

І – я, ю, є, ї, й

Pay attention: й is one consonant [j], but the letters я, ю, є, ї represent two sounds [ja], [ju], [je], [ji], a consonant and a vowel, at the same time. 

  • Федір і його дівчина люблять дивитися “Друзів” і їсти.
    Fedir and his girlfriend like watching Friends while eating. 

І between contrasting concepts

Remember to say і between opposites:

  • Злочин і кара
    Crime and Punishment
  • він і вона
    he and she

Alterations in words

Warning: this information might blow your mind! The alternation у-в, і-й happens in some words. It does not change their meaning but helps to achieve euphony in Ukrainian. Remember:

  • учитель – вчитель
  • вже – уже
  • учора – вчора
  • імовірно – ймовірно
  • іти – йти

Moreover, there are words that change meaning depending on the first sound – у or в. Know the difference:

  • вправа й управа
    exercise and control
  • вдача й удача
    character and luck
  • вступ і уступ
    entering and ledge
  • вклад і уклад
    contribution and structure

Alternation з-зі-із

Vowel  З  vowel

Just like with В, to avoid vowels piling up, add a consonant.

  • Ми повернулися з автомайстерні.
    We came from a garage.

Consonant  З  vowel

Even when you have one consonant, still choose З.

  • Євген прийшов з Анною.
    Yevhen came with Anna.

Vowel  З  consonant

Basically, it is the same rule.

  • Ми з тобою – однієї крові.
    You and I are the same blood.
euphony in Ukrainian
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Consonant  ІЗ  consonant

Remember to add a vowel in between two consonants.

  • Я родом із Китаю.
    I am originally from China.

ІЗ in front of с, ш

To avoid too many similar sounds, use ІЗ in front of hissing sounds.

  • Пані із собачкою.
    A lady with a dog.
  • Шарф із шапкою.
    A scarf with a hat.

ЗІ in front of consonants з, с, ш, щ + consonant

Using a few similar consonants in a row does not sound very nice. It is a good idea to add a vowel to the mix:

  • зі страху
    out of fear
  • зі студентської бібліотеки
    out of a students library

Watch out! There are two expressions to remember:

  • зі мною
    with me
  • зі Львова
    from Lviv
euphony in Ukrainian
Дякую, що ти завжди зі мною. Thank you for always standing by me.

Euphony in Ukrainian: rule of thumb

At the end of the day, the remarkably euphonic Ukrainian is not that hard: do not forget to alternate vowel and consonant sounds, and you will be fine (in most cases 🙂 )

To be honest, Ukrainians often break those euphony rules when speaking ― we just go for what sounds best to us at the moment.


How about putting this information to practice and creating a sentence with у/в, і/й, з/зі/із? Share it with us on social media!

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