There are many ways to learn a language. No matter which of them you use, it is always necessary to have a dictionary, because the more words you know, the more communicative you become. Today we will tell you about the most effective and popular Ukrainian dictionaries and show where to find them. 

1. Online dictionaries

Nowadays it is easy to find everything on the Internet. You don’t have to take big books and it is necessary just to have access to the network to search for the word meaning.Here are the most useful online dictionaries for Ukrainian learners.

Ukrainian dictionary

ABBYY Lingvo – this is a multilingual dictionary, but it has Ukrainian and English too. It shows different meanings of the word according to the field of usage. It also has some examples of sentences, in which the words you look for are used. It has a premium version, where you can download the offline dictionary to your PC. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have English interface, but it is easy enough to understand which button to pull. Ukrainian dictionary

LingvoSoft – this is also a nice dictionary for translating. It is quite similar to ABBYY Lingvo, but it doesn’t have examples of using. So, if you need just a word translation, this dictionary is for you.

Ukrainian dictionary

Slovnenya – this is the most pleasant Ukrainian dictionary 🙂 The word “Slovnenya” is a changed word “Slonenya”, which means “a child of an elephant”. It is simple, but informative and useful. It contains about 110000 English and Ukrainian words and phrases that are easy to find. It is an “ongoing project to create an intelligent online multilingual dictionary started in 2005 by graduates of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”.


Glosbe – is a collaborative project and every one can add (and remove) translations. On Glosbe you can check not only translations into language Ukrainian or English: they also provide examples of usage, by showing dozens of examples of translated sentences containing translated phrase. This is called “translation memory”. Such translated sentences are very useful addition to dictionaries.

Entries display all relevant information: audio pronunciation, gender, declension, similar phrases, example sentences with translated word (translation memory). – unlike computer translators, site offers authentic bilingual dictionaries created and maintained by actual professional linguists. dictionaries contain multiple possible translations with extended additional information – differentiated and numbered meanings of the word including examples of use, which help the user choose the relevant equivalent for a given context and also use that equivalent correctly in active communication.

Entries feature all relevant information: word class, gender, phonetic transcription, accents, contextual info, prepositional phrases, examples of use, idioms, related titles. also provides search history.

In addition to the dictionaries, there are also Topics and Vocabulary practice.

2. Hardcovers

You can buy them on or at some bookstores. It is not very easy to bring them everywhere you go. However, there are some people who like paper books most of all. Moreover, you can take notes in such dictionaries and work with them if your cell phone is broken.

Ukrainian dictionary

Ukrainian Phrasebook and Dictionary – this is a good dictionary for beginners who want to learn the main words quickly. It also has a phrasebook which will be helpful for people who are going to travel to Ukraine soon. It includes 3000 popular words in both English and Ukrainian.

Ukrainian dictionary

Ukrainian-English and English-Ukrainian Dictionary – this dictionary is a big fundamental book which will help you to find almost each word you need. It is published in Edmonton, and in spite of the fact that it is quite old, this dictionary is very effective. You won’t find computer terminology there, but it is similar to English anyway.

Ukrainian dictionary

In addition: actually, this book is not a dictionary, but it is easy to learn words with Ukrainian Word of the Day. You will find the new and interesting way to find out more about Ukrainian lexis and improve your vocabulary without any difficulties.

3. Applications

Applications always make the life easier. Here are the best dictionaries for Android.

Ukrainian dictionary

Xynotec – one of the best offline dictionaries, which is strongly recommended by its users. A big advantage is that it has pronunciation of the words you need. You can also view the history of your favorite words.

Ukrainian dictionary

ProDict – this dictionary contains 177 027 words. It also works online and offers pronunciation of words and phrases. The language is identified automatically. You can change the screen design according to your wishes.

If you use iOS, look at the dictionaries below.

Ukrainian dictionary

Ukrainian-English Dictionary and Translator – this dictionary has 138 000 translation pairs. It contains not only translation but also phrases and collocations with a certain word. You can also find synonyms and add some words to favorite in order to have a quick access to the most important parts of information.

Ukrainian dictionary

Ukrainian-English Dictionary from Codore – one of the greatest advantages of this dictionary is a possibility to find many words which are used in speaking language. It is an important tip if you want to travel to Ukraine, because, as all languages, it is full of slang expressions and another special lexis. You can also listen to the pronunciation of the words while using this app.


Do you know any other good dictionaries? What dictionary do you use? Please, share your experience in the comments below to help Ukrainian learners. 

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Olesia Pavlyshyn

Olesia is a student of the Master program in Literature at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Kyiv, Ukraine). She is a private Ukrainian language teacher, translator, and copywriter. Olesia is interested in traveling and handmade, but most of all she likes learning foreign languages.

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