This is the official Ukrainian to Latin transliteration. Have a look at how the Latin letters correlate with the Cyrillic alphabet.

With these transliteration rules, you can convert the Ukrainian last or first name, or the name of the city to Latin characters.

Ukrainian to Latin transliteration

Note that there are several letters that are transcribed according to specific rules.

Ukrainian vowels:

  • Є — [ye].
  • Ї — [yi] or [i].
  • Ю — [yu] or [iu].
  • Я — [ya] or [ia].

Ukrainian consonants:

  • Ж — [zh].
  • Х — [kh].
  • Ц — [ts].
  • Ч — [ch].
  • Ш — [sh].
  • Щ — [shch].

Also, see the difference between Г [h] & Х [kh].

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