The name of Олександр Пономарьов can sound new for you. He is a romantic Ukrainian pop-singer, who was very famous about 15 years ago. However, his early songs are still popular today.

This Ukrainian song is about two people who are totally different because of their way of living, but the man is waiting for the woman, in spite of all disconnections. We can read between the lines that they have something important in common.

Listen and enjoy the beauty of the music and lyrics!

By the way, if you watch the video attentively, you will notice young Святослав Вакарчук, a frontman of Океан Ельзи 😉

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Він любить косити газони,

Вона любить збирати квіти,

Він не знає, де діти гроші,

А у неї голодні діти.

Вона встане і піде в місто,

Щоб шукати нової долі,

А він полетить у далі –

У нього своя неволя.



Але він чекає на неї,

Він чекає на неї,

Він так давно чекає на неї,

Чекає завжди!


У нього кидають камінь,

Бо не може він їх догнати,

А для неї співають пісню

І готові життя чекати!

У неї багато сонця,

Подарованого батьками,

А у нього сім’я – лиш небо,

Він не знає своєї мами…



He likes to mow grass,

She likes to pick flowers

He doesn’t know how to waste money,

While her children are hungry.

She will get up and go to the city

In order to look for a new fate,

And he will fly to the expanse –

He has his own captivity.



But he is waiting for her,

He is waiting for her,

He is waiting for her for so long,

Waiting always.


They throw a stone at him,

Because he can’t catch up with them,

While they sing a song for her

And are ready to wait for life!

She has a lot of sun,

Given by her parents,

And his only family is the sky,

He doesn’t know his mother.



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