Would you like to learn how to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Ukrainian? Or find out how Ukrainians celebrate these holidays?

Our top episodes of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast and 5 Minute Ukrainian series will tell you everything about Christmas and New Year’s in Ukraine – with tons of useful Ukrainian vocabulary, grammar, and cultural insights!

Christmas and New Year greetings in Ukrainian

If you want to share the spirit of holidays with Ukrainians, learn common greetings in Ukrainian to bring joy and cheer them up! 

No idea where to begin? Episode 23 of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast is perfect for a start!

Boost your knowledge of Ukrainian with the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast! Consider our Premium Membership with lesson notes (transcripts, translations, vocabulary lists, exercises) and digital flashcards!
Boost your knowledge of Ukrainian with the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast! Consider our Premium Membership with lesson notes (transcripts, translations, vocabulary lists, exercises) and digital flashcards!

This audio lesson will teach you how to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Ukrainian with proper pronunciation, give insights into Ukrainian diminutives and verb conjugation, and even become your karaoke set for Ukrainian Christmas carols! 

Level: A1/A2 (elementary)

Learn more elaborate ways to say holiday greetings in Ukrainian with Episode 63!  

Practice using tricky Genitive and Instrumental cases and discover more about our all-time favorite holiday and how Ukrainians celebrate it. 

Level: B1/B2 (intermediate)

In addition to our podcasts, have a look at our popular blog post on how to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (with audio recordings!)

If you are an advanced Ukrainian language learner, check out Season 5 of the Ukrainian Lessons Podcast – Episode 175 introduces creative ways to wish Happy New Year with a popular Ukrainian song by Скрябiн.

This audio lesson is entirely in slow Ukrainian – perfect for language immersion! 

Level: C1 (advanced)

Learning Ukrainian is easier than ever with 5 Minute Ukrainian podcast! Premium subscription provides digital flashcards and detailed lesson notes for each episode!

For more practice, listen to 5 Minute UkrainianEpisode 27 covers Ukrainian holiday greetings and what they mean in just a few minutes! 

You can memorize many useful Ukrainian words and expressions while shopping or on a daily commute. 

Level: A2 (pre-intermediate)

Christmas and New Year traditions in Ukraine

Language learning is not merely about boosting your vocabulary and drilling grammar rules – it is also a way to immerse yourself in a new culture. 

With our podcasts, you can learn comprehensively not only the language but also Ukrainian culture and customs. 

You can feel the taste of the traditional Ukrainian Holy SupperСвята вечеря – with ULP Episode 61

Names of Christmas dishes, dozens of varenyky types, grammar tips – this lesson will make you hungry and eager to learn more! 

Level: A2 (pre-intermediate)

We cannot imagine the spirit of Christmas without carols, or колядки in Ukrainian. Their melody and lyrics introduce the richness of Ukrainian culture and unique national traditions. 

With ULP Episode 64, sing along to a famous Ukrainian Christmas carol (with vocabulary and grammar explanations)!

Level: A2 (pre-intermediate)

Do you enjoy singing Ukrainian songs? Check out the original lyrics and English translations of Ukrainian щедрiвка «Ой сивая та і зозуленька» on our ad-free blog!

Credit: Дар’я Сидоренко / Суспільне

How did Ukrainians celebrate New Year’s Eve before 2022? 

Listen to informal conversations about plans for New Year’s and practice the Instrumental case of pronouns with ULP Episode 62!

Level: A2 (pre-intermediate)

The winter holiday season is full of various festivities and traditions. Discover customs of Ukrainian winter holidays and their meaning in ULP Episode 173 in slow Ukrainian!

Level: C1 (advanced)

Winter holidays in Ukraine

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are beloved for leisure time and an opportunity to spend some quality time with family. 

In Episode 27, there are lots of insights about popular winter sports in Ukraine, traveling to the Carpathian Mountains, and the past tense in Ukrainian!

Level: A1 (elementary)

Children are especially fond of holidays, so schools and kindergartens organize fun festivities with gifts, games, and performances. 

Find out about Christmas time celebrations in Ukrainian schools along with the perfective future tense in ULP Episode 96!

Level: B1 (intermediate)

Let’s make some plans for winter vacation together!

ULP Episode 197 will guide you through common Ukrainian vocabulary and the future tense of verbs of motion

Level: B1 (intermediate)


Make use of your winter vacation and learn Ukrainian with our podcasts on our website or on your favorite podcast app!

Веселих свят! – Happy holidays!

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