Today, we are going to learn the names of some electrical appliances used at home, that is, побутова технікаhousehold appliances in Ukrainian. There are велика побутова техніка (big household appliances) like холодильник and пральна машина, and мала побутова техніка (small household appliances) like праска and електрочайник.

Below is a list of some common household appliances:

Household appliances in Ukrainian


електрочайник – electric kettle


пилосос – vacuum cleaner


мікрохвильовка – microwave oven


пральна машина – washing machine


холодильник – fridge


кухонна плита – cooker


праска – iron


посудомийна машина – dishwasher


фен – hairdrier


You can shorten some of these words in the everyday speech:

пральна машина – пралька

посудомийна машина – посудомийка

електрочайник – чайник

кухонна плита – плита


? What other household appliances do you use or want to know the name of in Ukrainian? Write them in the comments!

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