We love fruits and vegetables in Ukraine! Many Ukrainians grow them on their own; and the markets are always full of the best fresh stuff. So, you must know the names of the fruits and vegetables in Ukrainian.

See the pictures below and then the translation and pronunciation of the most common words. Then, practice! Який ваш улюблений фрукт? А овоч? What is your favorite fruit? And vegetable? Tell us in the comments 😉

fruits and vegetables in Ukrainian fruits and vegetables in Ukrainian

Морква – Carrot

Кавун – Watermelon

Броколі – Broccoli

Полуниця – Strawberry

Огірок – Cucumber

Апельсин – Orange

Картопля – Potato

Виноград – Grape

Баклажан – Egg-plant

Яблуко – Apple

Часник – Garlic

Ківі – Kiwi fruit

Буряк – Beetroot

Груша – Pear

Перець – Sweet peper

Банан – Banana

Помідор – Tomato

Персик – Peach

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