Okean Elzy is a unique phenomenon in Ukrainian music. It is a very famous band and most Ukrainians are fans of them.

The song Я їду додому (“I’m going home”) is about a person who is happy to come back to his or her native land. Moreover, the memory of home helps this person to overcome all the difficulties of life.

We will publish more Ukrainian songs with translations so that you could discover Ukrainian modern culture. Also, it will be more exciting for you to learn Ukrainian with music. Try it!

(Unfortunately, there is no official music video for this song, so just enjoy the music! 😉

Я бачу навколо каміння і квіти,I see the rocks and the flowers around,
Міста і вокзали, і сонце, і сніг.The cities and stations, the sun and the snow.
Я буду чекати, я буду хотітиI will be waiting, and I will desire
Їх бачити знову і знову до них!To see them again, and again go to them!
Я їду додому, до тебе додому,I’m going home, home to you,
Де очі знайомі і завжди нові!Where the eyes are so dear, and they’re always new.
Я їду додому, до тебе додому…I’m going home, your home…
Які ж вони довгі, ті ночі і дні!How long they are, those nights and days!
А, знаєш, буває, коли я не можуYou know, it happens, when I really cannot
Піднятися далі в полоні оков,Stand up to go further when captured in chains
Але відчуваю, невидима силаBut I feel the power, invisible power,
Мене підіймає знову і знов!Which raises me up again and again.

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