Ukrainian Independence DayДень Незалежності – almost came, so it is about time to learn Ukrainian national anthemгімн України! It shows the historical background of the Ukrainian nation and tells about Ukrainians’ glory and bravery.

Ukrainian anthem was much longer earlier, but then the government decided to shorten it. Now it has one verse and one chorus. The author of the lyrics is Ukrainian poet Павло Чубинський.

Listen to it and find out more about Ukrainians! And maybe you will have a chance to sing it on the Ukrainian Independence Parade in Kyiv some year 😉

We publish Ukrainian songs with translations so that you could discover Ukrainian modern culture and practice your listening skills. Find more translated songs in the category Songs. Do you want us to translate your favorite Ukrainian song? Let us know in the comments! Enjoy listening, and good luck with learning the Ukrainian language!

Ukrainian National Anthem with Translation — Ще не вмерла України (Shche Ne Vmerla Ukrainy) — Video

Ukrainian National Anthem with Translation — Ще не вмерла України (Shche Ne Vmerla Ukrainy) — Lyrics with translations

Ще не вмерла України і слава, і воля,Ukraine’s glory has not yet died, nor her freedom,
Ще нам, браття молодії, усміхнеться доля.Upon us, my young brothers, fate shall yet smile.
Згинуть наші воріженьки, як роса на сонці.Our enemies will perish, like dew in the morning sun,
Запануєм і ми, браття, у своїй сторонці.And we too shall rule, brothers, in our own land.
Душу й тіло ми положим за нашу свободу,Souls and bodies we’ll lay down, all for our freedom,
І покажем, що ми, браття, козацького роду!And we will show that we, brothers, are of the Cossack nation!

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