What languages do you speak? English, Spanish, French?… Be unique and learn Ukrainian! This language is modern, widespread, and dignified. Find out 7 reasons to learn Ukrainian and start today!

1. Millions of people speak Ukrainian

You will be able to “speak to the hearts” of more than 40 million people whose native language is Ukrainian. These people live not only in Ukraine but also in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

ukrainian language abroad

2. Ukrainian is the official language of a huge country

You will be speaking in the only official language of the 2nd largest country in Europe. By the Ukrainian constitution, the state language of Ukraine is the Ukrainian language.

constitution of ukraine

3. Ukrainian language is old and growing

You will be learning a well-developed, rich language with an ancient history, going back to the XII century and earlier.

old slavic language
Old Ukrainian language in 1397

4. Ukrainian is music to your ears

You will be able to talk (and sing!) in one of the best-sounding languages in the world, so soft and so musical! A well-known Christmas carol is originally performed a capella in the Ukrainian language.

5. Ukrainian letters look awesome

The Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabet is beautiful. Isn’t it?


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6. Ukrainian language is easy to pronounce

Letters in Ukrainian are pronounced how they are spelled. So, if you see “професія,” you pronounce each letter “p-r-o-f-e-s-i-ya,” it’s not like reading “profession” in English or French. Fantastic, isn’t it?

funny ukrainian letters

7. Ukrainian as the language of freedom

And the last, yet still important, reason. Historically speaking, people who speak Ukrainian are courageous, hospitable, and caring of each other. By learning Ukrainian, you will become a part of a self-respecting nation of dignity and freedom.



We hope that you are now (even more) inspired to learn the wonderful Ukrainian language! And if you are, stick around with Ukrainian Lessons 😉

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