We have chosen the best Ukrainian songs with video clips of 2018! Listen, watch, and enjoy! Then tell us which of 10 Ukrainian songs of 2018 you liked the most!

10. ONUKA – STRUM (683 293 перегляди)

Every single view and share of ONUKA’s video means that the monetization royalties from watching it will be transferred to support the operation of waste sorting facilities.

Find out more about the collaboration with NoWasteUkraine – the environmental initiative ECOSTRUM at https://strum.onuka.ua

9. Pianoбой – Все Що Тебе Не Вбиває (1 185 065 переглядів)

For everyone who is “not like everyone” devoted! Do not be afraid to be yourself, even if you are different.

Those who love us make us strong, and those who hate make us unbridled. Everyone is unique in the world. “Все, що тебе не вбиває, робить тебе сильнішим…” – “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

8. СКАЙ – Давай Втечемо (1 185 077 переглядів)

The song from the new album “Рідкісні птахи – “Rare Birds.” The clip was filmed in Los Angeles at the end of the great Canadian-American tour of the band. Friends and fans from Los Angeles were invited to shoot in the video. A light summer video work calls us to plunge into the rest and forget about everything.

“Давай втечемо далеко!” – “Let’s run away!

7. Бумбокс & The Gitas – Тримай мене (1 460 295 переглядів)

The clip was filmed on a go-pro camera. Places: Ukraine, Italy, USA. Andriy Khlyvniuk (the Бумбокс frontmen) says that he likes this video work even more than a large number of clips that were taken earlier and taken more professionally. Because here, it was possible to focus and seize real emotion.

“Тримай мене, не дай мені піти, навіть не на хвилину…” – “Hold me, don’t let me go, even for a minute…“.

6. Jamala – Крила (1 521 216 переглядів)

Jamala has released the fifth studio album “Крила” – “Wings.” 10 tracks have been included in the disc: 7 of them are in Ukrainian, 3 more in English.

“…each of us needs support from other people. It is especially important in the difficult moments when you sit and think: “Why me? Why do I get the most difficult tests? Why do other people live happily, and I’m so unhappy?” In such moments, you need the wings – whether faith, or an angel, or a loved one next to you”Jamala.

5. Друга Ріка – Секрет (2 617 572 перегляди)

Ukrainian band Друга ріка presented a long-awaited clip for the song “Секрет” – “Secret.” This track is a personal history of the frontman of the band, Valeriy Kharchyshyn. The video was filmed on the Black Sea coast.

“I really wanted to bring the story to some sort of alternative reality… Our heroes live in the post-apocalyptic world, and probably they are one of the few survivors. How will you feel – when your only friend is miraculously found. Maybe the last child on this planet?” – Anna, the director of the clip.

The clip turned out to be very emotional and exciting: you do not understand until the last moment what will happen in the final. Everyone understands “Секрет” in his own way.

4. БЕZ ОБМЕЖЕНЬ – Хочеш (4 537 026 переглядів)

The composition “Хочеш” without exaggeration is one of the most sensible works of the band “Без обмежень” – “Without limits.” The video is also very tender and bright. The thrilling story of love, where reality is interwoven with the imaginary world, dreams, and memories.

“Померти б з тобою в один день, та так не буває”… – “I would like to die with you on the same day, but this does not happen“…

3. THE HARDKISS – Мелодія (5 328 556 переглядів)

The band released an impressive clip on the Ukrainian language song “Мелодія” – “Melody.” Soloist Julia Sanina told her Instagram what the band’s new song is about:

“So long I wanted to write a bright song about happy love! That love is timeless, has no limits, it’s complicated and simple at the same time, as far away as a cosmos and close, like a kiss”.

2. Океан Ельзи – Без тебе (7 195 780 переглядів)

The shooting took place on the west coast of the United States during Sviatoslav Vakarchuk’s stay during the spring semester at Stanford University.

Los Angeles, Buena Vista Park (San Francisco), El Matador State Beach, and California’s paths and deserts have become the places of the strange twin world, in which the only one is alien, suspicious, and obscure. “Без тебе” means “Without you.”

1. KAZKA — ПЛАКАЛА (41 637 306 переглядів)

The song “Плакала” – “І Cried” by Ukrainian pop band KAZKA has made it into the Shazam Top 10 world chart. Band producer Yuriy Nikitin wrote on his Instagram account that this is the first time in Ukrainian music history that a Ukrainian band got so high in the charts. The video for the song topped 10 million views on YouTube in less than three weeks.

“Плакала” by KAZKA made it to the top among the music videos in the Ukrainian segment of YouTube video hosting.

This instrumental cover of “Плакала” is also worth sharing with you:


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