Hello Anna!

My name is Ronald Sidoryk. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
I am a second-generation Ukrainian living in Canada. My grandparents immigrated to Canada in 1900 from Brody and Sorotsky, in western Ukraine.

The only one who speaks Ukrainian fluently in my family is my mother, who is 97 years young.
I have two brothers and one sister. I also have one daughter and two grandsons ages 13 and 16.
I have a very strong desire to visit the Ukraine in the near future. I would like to visit the villages of my grandparents.

I have also been communicating in Ukrainian with a friend in Odesa, Ukraine for about two years on Skype. I would like to visit my friend in Odesa one day as well.
So, these are the two main motivating reasons, I would like to improve my spoken and written Ukrainian.

I currently can read, write and speak in Ukrainian, but I would like to become more proficient. I can only do that by more practice.
My biggest challenge is conversational Ukrainian. I do not have the opportunity to speak enough Ukrainian to become proficient in it.

So, this is the reason I enrolled in your online Ukrainian Lessons Podcast. I have completed Season One, Lessons 1-40 and enjoyed them very much. I learned a lot and noticed improvement in reading, writing and pronunciation.
I have recently begun Season Two, Lessons 41-80. I am really looking forward to this second series.

I really like the podcast aspect of the Ukrainian Lessons, because I can hear the correct pronunciation of Ukrainian words, which has improved my conversational Ukrainian dramatically. I also enjoy the lesson notes and the challenge of the exercises. My writing and printing of the Ukrainian alphabet is also improving immensely. I am very pleased with your lesson plans which are well organized, comprehensive, very easy to understand and still challenging.

I also like the fact your lessons are contemporary, relevant and applicable to everyday life in the Ukraine. I am very confident that it will be a lot easier for me to travel in the Ukraine after completing your Ukrainian lessons series online.

I would like to thank you for the excellent lesson plans and podcasts you have prepared. Very professionally done. It is wonderful to have access to learning the Ukrainian language online.
I had taken two years of Ukrainian language courses (written and conversational) at the University of Manitoba in 1966-68. However, I have little opportunity to become proficient in it.

So, your online lessons have given me that opportunity. Please keep up the wonderful work. I will be looking forward to communicating with you. Hopefully, in Ukrainian.

Have a wonderful day!

Ronald Sidoryk